"Colossus" Official Update & Name Changing

Name Changing

As I'm sure you're all aware, on the 4th of February the option to change your Minecraft in-game name will become available to every Mojang account (yes, that means you).

Dancraft has already prepared in advance for this update and we are partially compatible with this feature. Your rank and player data (inventory, etc) will be kept however due to a (major) schema issue we cannot accommodate balance transfers at the current moment in time. We'll be entirely adaptable to the new system when our "Colossus" update takes place (more about this below).

Colossus Update

Coming soon to the Dancraft network is our progression to V3.8, otherwise known as "Colossus". The word colossus really only suggests one trait; enormous in size. We're bringing out a tonne of new features including an entire new core system, new servers (Factions and Skyblock) as well as patching a tonne of bugs and issues. Whilst I can't provide you with an assured arrival date, I can tell you that the server will be accessible before the end of February (most likely between 15th and 25th) and will be released on a Friday evening.

Core System

Whilst it may not sound as impressive as you'd expect, this is what we've spent most of our time working on over the past few months and there are abounding backend updates (lots of lag, dupe and crash fixes, yay) along with quite a lot of front end updates, I've outlined these below.


All new economy system, entirely by us and with full customization. Credits are now less scarce and can be used to purchase many different items (outlined below) and balances are less "laggy". Bugs such as negative payments and TPS dropping when shop signs are spammed have also been fixed.


The chat has changed a lot; it's easiest to explain in sub-categories:

  • Format - the chat has been cleaned up and the formatting has been changed to a scheme similar to the one we used in V3
  • Chat Color - if you're a Premium Member, you can now change their chat color, you can preview this feature on the server lobby
  • Messaging - the messaging system has been re-written and players can completely disable the entire messaging system
  • Mutes - you can no-longer message people whilst muted (as part of our new sanction system, outlined later)
  • Announcements - we've reduced the amount of announcements there are flooding your chat

Combat Logging

As part of our new aim to prevent abuse and rule breakers, our new combat logging system has been reworked and moderators are flagged to investigate accounts with high combat log counts.


If you're feeling lucky, you can now participate in our server lottery for $1,000 in-game money. The system itself is pretty self-explanatory; it's cross-server too!


Perhaps the feature I am most looking forward to seeing in action is our new artificial intelligence sanction system - oh yeaaah.

Whilst not entirely automatic - many client modifications will automatically be picked up on and a ban period based on your previous offences is automatically generated and issued. For example, those that abuse a bug and have already broken another offence high in severity will have a rather long sentence (of course there is a lot more complexity involved)!

Aesthetic Features

We've got a new trails system arriving with up to 9 trails to purchase with credits. Be sure to check it out when the server is released.


Our new cross-server GUI scoreboard will provide you with much-needed basic information. Whilst it may seem modest, it has proven to be very useful and we're sure you'll all be thankful for it!

Crate Keys

You can now purchase crate keys to open crates at server spawns (currently only Factions and Skyblock).

When used on a crate you'll receive an entirely random item in relation to the crate opened. For example, the resources crate might provide you with a bedrock block whilst the armor crate may grant a protection V chestplate.

Other Features

There are a load of other nifty tweaks and features that you should discover on the day of release such as the new hub along with the new head leaderboard system.

I'd also like to let all Premium Members know that they should expect a lot of new rank perks.

New Servers

We're bringing a much-needed revamp to both Factions and Skyblock. You can expect to encounter a multitude of new features such as three kits, hourly automated drop parties, feasts, an entire new shop system as well as new hardware specifications.

Hopefully you're as ecstatic for this update as we are!

Yours Faithfully,
The Dancraft Team

TL;DR: If you change your in-game name now, you will lose your in-game money. Also, an amazing update called "Colossus" (Dancraft V3.8) coming in a few weeks - be prepared!

Voting Result & News

Voting Rewards
As previously mentioned - at the end of each month the top voters will now be entered into a raffle to have a chance at winning a numerous prizes. If you have won a piece of gaming equipment, please let us know your email in the comments so that we can get the devices shipped out to you via first class courier. The winners are as follows:

  • JackRabbit8312 - Sumvision™ Backlit Gaming Keyboard
  • SMILYFACE92 - TeckNet™ High Precision Gaming Mouse
  • ozzy1354 - TeckNet™ High Precision Gaming Mouse

The players; Spiesmonkey, zackjack765, FluffyTofu, xavier1022, _Miner69er_, tovyk,
dogeyscott, Foulker2002, creaperkp and torta268 have also been credited with a Premium Rank upgrade in relation to their current rank. Those that are already Bedrock Rank will be credited with an equivalent amount of credits (to purchase crates and trails) in the forthcoming update that has been greatly anticipated.

Survey Feedback & Announcements

We want to thank you for your survey feedback and every response has greatly assisted us in coming to an ultimate decision on some important issues within the community.

Based on the below chart, we will soon be releasing revamped versions of Prison, DanGames and SkyWars. Whilst the other servers are still receiving updates - we are focusing more on those that were hugely voted for in this section of the survey as it seems they require a little more attention.


The golden apple cool down results were fairly inconclusive and as such we will not be adding a cool down to golden apples.


Our "PvP" and economy questions were extremely useful when designing shops and item prices for the new servers that are soon to be released.

Below are the results for the "What is your favorite "type" of PVP?" question. We have decided to base the economies of our upcoming servers on a semi-overpowered (i.e. protection III and IV are fairly common and protection V is extremely rare).


The "What economy would be ideal for you?" has also been helpful. Whilst this is closely linked to the "type of PvP", we plan on having an economy built around farming and mining that allows you to sell items for fairly high prices. This money received from these items being sold can then be used in a "varied" shop with purchasable enchantments and fair prices.


The winners of the coupons from completing the survey are; tuporaqui, KissMyAss4Me and Death3075. Please let us know your email in the comments so that we can reward you with your coupon code.

The economy will soon be resetting despite a slight majority vote against it. We have come to this decision as we feel the upcoming updates will be ruined by players that have illegitimate balances and credits that will wreck the game for legitimate players who have not violated and misused flaws in our current system.

It has been a busy year on Dancraft and an even more eventful year has just begun; we'd like to all of you for the continued support you've given us since we were founded - you really have shaped Dancraft into the server we all love today! Look out for some awesome new updates coming very, very soon.

Yours Faithfully,
The Dancraft Team

Community Input Survey

Over the past few months, the entire Dancraft team has been working extremely hard to develop a new core system for the Dancraft network - it features numerous tweaks to optimize gameplay (such as lag and bug removal) as well as a bunch of new features such as a cross-server lottery, chat color selection and an all new Factions and Skyblock (you'll have to wait and see what else we have got in store). We plan on releasing this update within the next week.

In order to further modify the new Dancraft system to your liking, we'd like to hear what you have to say about the current standing of the network - to allow you all to share your opinions we have developed a short 2-5 minute form that should be relatively simple to fill-out. There are 3x $50.00 USD store coupons to be won for those that provide us with their in-game name (you may remain anonymous if you wish), winners will be announced along with the voting reward winners at the end of the month.

To complete the short survey, click here.

Welcome to Our All New Website

As you can probably see, you're currently using our brand-new website. It's jam-packed with a great deal of new features, here are just a few:

  • Fully functional leaderboards
  • Contemporary player profiles (soon to show in-game friends, rank and stats)
  • Advanced text editor for making posts and comments
  • Server status page, with comprehensive statistics and data

Your password has also been reset and you are required to re-register in order to access the website's full assortment of features.

Feel free to take a look about and let us know if you notice any areas that are in need of improvement.

Yours Faithfully,
The Dancraft Team