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anyone agree to my factions suggestion?
  • factions is all fun and games... that is until some retard claims spawn and gives their faction description a disgusting sentance about.. "stuff"... even the people who just claim spawn for the sake of spamming peoples chat -.- another change that would be... id say helpful, is the right word, is if pvp was unclaimable. no problem about claiming pvp exept for the fact... its no longer pvp. its just making the person who actually thought, it was gonna be a 1v1 look like a joke, due to the fact they cannot harm the other player. if youd fix this Kubsz/Dan that help. no rush or anything. just a thought. to be honest i think this was a decent suggestion, but you you readers, for all i know this suggestion couldve been crap. thats all i have to say.
  • I 100% agree to LucasBurger911 those people that claim spawn spam chat and claiming pvp makes you look like a complete joke of yourself.