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I want staff back on the server
  • Dancraft has a really good AntiCheat, I guess it's AntiCheat+ but it's not good anough.
    every day there are people that join the server and leave 10 minutes later because of all the hackers.
    Or the start hacking. I play mminecraft almost 24/7 and I used to enjoy this server allot. But now I can't anymore because of all the freaking hackers.
    My sister plays on my alt called DarkHowlingWolf and started freaking out because of the hackers and started hacking. she got banned but I'm really happy we didnt got Ip banned. I got a few ideas for staff.

    1. They has to be 16 years or older cause those people are serious.
    2. Application has to be 400 words atleast.
    3. Where they are from.
    4. how much they play minecraft/ on this server.
    5. what languases they speak.
    6. what they will do for the server to help everyone.

    I really want to help the server out
    And maybe people are going to donate again cause now atm there is not allot of people that are donating...
    Please let my help to remove all those hackers cause its freaking annoying.

    I applied on a server a long time ago
    this was my application:

    What is your in game name?


    What is your legal first name?


    What is your age?

    I’m 16 years old

    What do you plan on doing to help (Server Name)?

    I will help the MineSuperior server by answering questions asked by players or fellow staff members such as, “How do I rank up on prison?” Or “How do I prestige?”. I spend quite a lot of time on the KitPvP server and am able to find and ban hackers. I also want to help by reporting bugs / glitches and providing suggestions to help improve the server.

    A suggestion that I thought of would be to have a count of the players in each arena (fps, main etc) this way people would know where the players are.

    Have you ever contributed to (Server Name) before?

    Yes, I purchased Elite on one of my accounts and King rank on the other. I am also active on the server, TeamSpeak and forums. I also record hackers and post on my YouTube instead of asking staff all the time because they are often busy.

    Please describe your previous staff experience.

    I was staff on a 1.6 Dutch KitPvP server NeonCraft and averaged 70 players so I got experience in finding hackers, understanding my permissions and learning about how to approach players in a friendly manner.

    What does it mean to be a staff member to you?

    For me, to be a staff member is to help the players when they need it, by hopping on other servers and banning / punishing players if needed. It also means to not abuse or become staff for the perks for example /fly, /god etc. If players find glitches / bugs and they can not say it on the forums as it is game breaking I am able to record it and post it in the staff chat where it can be fixed.

    When did you first join (Server Name)?

    I joined (Server Name) April 26th 2016 and I was banned on the 27th Hacks, however I was unbanned as I do not hack as many staff members that are on KitPvP know.

    What is your time zone?

    I live in the Netherlands and my timezone is UTC + 2.

    How often can you play each day? (Time Schedule)

    Monday - One to two hours

    Tuesday - One to two hours

    Wednesday - One to two hours

    Thursday - One to two hours

    Friday - Two to four hours

    Saturday - Two to four hours

    Sunday - Two to four hours

    This means I can get over 7 hours playtime a week.

    Do you speak any other languages? If so, please list them.

    I can speak fluently speak Dutch, French and English. However my English is not as good as my other languages.

    Tell us some information about yourself.

    I live in the Netherlands and of Dutch and Portuguese heritage but I can also speak French because my mother is born in Paris and she went to the Netherlands and studied to become a French teacher so my mother taught me French as a first language but since my school learnt in Dutch I became fluent in both. In Highschool I started speaking French more and now I speak well enough French and Dutch that I don’t need anymore classes.

    I am currently doing Ping Pong as a sport which I am very passionate about and am also learning Judo, I have gotten my brown belt. It is going to be a long journey for my black belt because I have to wait two years. I have also played football / soccer for 7 years but I have now quit because I had a problem with my feet, I can no longer control the ball as much.

    I also have a 2 youtube channels, one for hacker uploads and one for videos. The hacker youtube url is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq9ojrP0xHhZewdZK-j4IpA and the serious video channel is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGbFos5BeA5HutC0aVjP7NA.

    On the serious channel I post videos such as Highlights, SkyWars and KitPvP series, some of these on (Server Name). I don’t do YouTube to try and make money, it is just for fun.

  • It looks like you put a lot of hard work into this application :) I want staff back on the server too. But they aren't looking to recruit staff atm. Sorry xD
  • well @_XoRabbito_X they dont look for staff cause they think the anticheat is good anough. but it isnt, thats the whole problem...