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enderchest glitch took my diamond blocks.
  • wow the enderchest glitch took my 64 diamond blocks ,,, again I just bought crate keys and u can see what I had in my enderchest at 21:20GMT and u'll see them, they just disappeared, please can u give them back>?
  • Sorry to hear about this unfortunate occurrence, I think It would be best if you emailed [email protected] I bet they could help you with your issue, I'd provide some proof such as; proof of transaction. So maybe you can get at least your keys back.

    I hope you get this solved c:
  • The reset is soon, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd recommend contacting Dan via discord, and let him know about the bug so that he would be made aware of it, and would be able to patch it. Have a great day, KrunchyPlayz.
  • At the moment I believe, Dan has not figured out a way to fix it. So don't trust your echest right now! Although, if you find a way to stop it or what is making this happen, email Dan right away. So that other players don't have to suffer.
  • Exactly what happened to me now I don't have Dias for god apples or
    Pots and I'm already annoyed about getting killed to a bunch of potters thankfully there
    Is a reset soon so maybe thing will turn out better

    Or worse

    I nearly quit because of this glitch
    Please fix it dan
  • The reset is apx. this upcoming Friday, so things will surely be better, then.
  • Why are people like KrunchyPlayz Niqht and StormyBlizzard trying to
    act like staff
  • My response to Hulk includes various reasonings. First of all, this is what I do when I find nothing to do in-game, nor anything to do outside of it. Second of all, what is so "awful" about being helpful? The entire website was built for assistance (apart from Media, and Introductions / Farewells.) So, a player asked a question, and I answered the question. Undoubtedly, we seem to be the only people doing what we are alleged to do. We are not acting like staff, nor are we trying to act like staff. We are accurately using the forums. With all said, have a great day!