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Ban Appeal
  • Hello everybody, many of you know me as the player TopHeadOnDan. This morning at some time I was banned for griefing / destroying "Drilll's" Island, I would like to point out that even though I was on (not added) the island, I was only there at one point to see how they had made their slime farm. I had absolutely nothing to do with the griefing and had been telling Kevin not to do it before he had done it. I didn't know he destroyed them until this morning when I came on and I was banned. I was making a slime farm that was way too complicated and complex for my level of building so I was preparing to build one just like the one on drills island. I was never added to the island thus making me not able to even take anything off of it. I also am just curious about what I was banned for I would like to bring up another example of something, I believe I was banned for not reporting the griefing however, on dancraft we always have people that bypass the filter, so essentially if this rule pertains to everything should people who don't report that be banned as well? I did not know Kevin did this, we had a total of over 100+ slime spawners before he had done this and I didn't understand why he did what he did. However if I add someone to my island and they sell my pumpkins from the farms isn't that the same thing as taking what Kevin took? I had no intent of doing this and this afternoon I apologized to Drill for what had happened to his island, personally I believe that there is no proof against me for the grief on Drills island and the taking of his spawners. Even if I could report it I was afk for most of the night last night and this morning doing homework and building what I did, I did not know Kevin did this so I was therefore unable to report it either way.

    In conclusion, I would like to apologize on my behalf for what happened to Drillls island, I do believe I was not fairly banned for what happened and I do not believe what happened to his spawners was fair. I don't think I could make an argument like that if I was involved in the situation, I would like to thank ever person who has taken the time to read this.

    Sincerely, Evan or TopHeadOnDan
  • Thread closed as sanction has expired.

    Please make a new appeal if this is not the case.
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