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StormWalker_X Youtube application
  • Dear Dancraft,
    I am StormWalker_X I've been playing on Dancraft for a LONG time I had some great times when the server wasn't 'Dead.' But then the server died and like most other players I left. When I actively played on Dancraft, I purchased a rank (gold and I believe when I bought it, it cost 20-25 dollars) and was very happy with my purchase. I played mainly on skyblock but played a little on ulti. I then started a youtube series with my about 5 subs, this series of mine only lasted about 2 episodes as right when I started recording the videos the server died, I then visited every so often for a while to see Dancraft, the server I loved so much that was murdered by an updated.

    It has come to my attention that Dancraft is no longer totally 'dead' there has also been an update that has brought more players to Dancraft.

    So I am here to ask if I could be gifted the rank of Youtuber.
    I would begin to record videos on Dancraft right away as I need videos to record.
    My channel is only small with 40 subs, but I have grown rather quickly lately and will continue to try and grow my channel as best I can.
    I would love to be gifted with youtube rank and it would mean so much to me.


    So I logged onto my channel to get my link and I had gained 7 subscribers in 3 days! So I now have 47 subs
  • Wow, its great to see someone who wants to record for Dancraft! Although I think there should be some requirements for getting a youtube rank. I think a Youtuber rank should require an amount of subscribers, which I think should be 20-30k subs. Also, the Youtuber should be receiving a good amount of views if they have that many subs, to make sure they aren't sub botting. Another thing I saw is, you are trying to get Youtuber rank, but you don't have any dancraft videos. Before a player applies for youtube, it would be reasonable for that player to have 3-5 videos with about 1000 views each. If Dan gave out youtube ranks for every player who applied with 1000 subscribers and under, then it would be pointless. All players would just either sub bot or buy subscribers. It's great to see a player of dancraft come back and is willing to record for the server. Although asking/applying for a youtube rank with only under 100 subscribers and no videos on Dancraft isn't the best application.
    I suggest you make some videos and advertise your channel more often and try to set a goal and come back a apply or ask pm dan. In my idea, Youtubers help servers grow, in order for a Youtuber to help a server grow, they need to have a sustainable amount of viewers and good content. A Youtuber has to be able to be benefitted by the server as well as the server itself. The server gains players leading to more ranks being bought and etc. The Youtuber gains views, subscribers, and even money. Both sides are benefiting but if the Youtuber isn't getting the server new players or such but the server is giving the Youtuber perks and such, it isn't fair on one side. I'm sorry for typing so much, I just got a little carried away. I don't mean to hate on your channel, I just think it should reach some requirements before receiving quite a rank.

    P.S I subscribed and hope your channel grows.
  • dan doesn't pick staff. if you've played for a "LONG TIME", you might've realized that.
  • Your microphone sounds like a vacuum cleaner
  • I have recorded 3 videos already and have them ready to upload if I am accepted or if my channel grows a bit more, also I am currently saving for a better pc and mic.
  • Would a YouTuber rank even count as staff? Geez, and I thought I was a dick.
  • @StormWalker_X, having videos doesn't mean anything. You need to have a series of somewhat going so it actually shows you want to be a YouTuber. How is Dan suppose to know you record if you didn't upload any videos yet?