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Heya (BadBone14)

  • Heya...


    (A list of things you're about to learn)

    • Who badbone is
    • What you call him
    • Likes/Dislikes/Wants for the future
    • Other Info

    I am badbone14. You may call me either Bad or Bone. Or just simply badbone.
    Things I like? DanCraft, and minecraft in general and solving problems.
    Things I hate? I rarely hate something but don't get me wrong about it.
    Things I enjoy on DanCraft? I enjoy playing skyblock and having fun and meeting some new players. I like to help out players that are questioning about things.

    Things I would like to see for the future of DanCraft? Well, that is a rather interesting question I ask myself. What do I really want to see? Well first things first, I would like to see this server grow and become more populated. I remember years ago when 500-1000 players were on.

    Things I miss about DanCraft? I miss the old days thats about it.

    You are most likely going to be seeing me on often on DanCraft. I hope I get to meet even more people on there.

    Some irl info about me? I'm fifteen and turning 16 in about a month. That is all you will now from me.

    This is all I say for now. Farewell. If you see me in-game feel free to say a hello.

    Oh and one more thing. Which version of DanCraft are you from? I'm from V1.


  • I see, welcome back.