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[Greif] Striker247
  • Username: xAzeem
    Reason for banning: Grief
    He griefed my island in Skyblock due to the fact he stole all my spawners. I have screenshots of his grief u could check out my island . IGN: xAzeem
    Basically his the brother of @Jayde he lives with his brother in the island i think this is giving his brother a advantage. I spent lots of money on these crates. my hard work is basically gone. so if i get nothing it means like my life is over, If my island that u auto save i think. if its not return am glad to have my rank refund or you could give me the exact price which costed me to get everything in my island. Its easy decision . I have people who saw the greif and they were next to me we played some hallowen then we came back everything is gone. Am dropping out tears. Please fix this.
  • this man is mad cos some1 robbed his spawners and he's crying. didnt even provide the griefer's IGN. this nigga aint getting shit back xD