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  • Dear dancraft people,

    I was just banned permanently because me and my brother have the same IP. He was banned for hacking and is permanently banned, and now I'm ALSO banned but ONLY because we have the same ip. Like seriously, its pretty unfair. I think i should be unbanned and like idc if u keep him banned but urban me plz. ok it would b nice if u unbanned him 2 but u don't have 2. Like he is my brother so I have to also ask for him. Ok, anyways please urban me. Like, I don't even hack and me being banned only cause we have the same IP is unfair. I didn't even know he was hacking, like fur reel dan craft, dats uncool. Ok well ill go now, plz unban me, I spent 100$ on a bedrock rank. My brothers username is NepenthesAlata btw. we don't have the money to buy an unban, we r pretty broke now. Plz it would b nice dancraft. Thank you! (Lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol i accidentally deleted the last one)
  • Dans can't really do anything about that because you're probably just using an excuse to get unbanned from the server and then cheat again but less blatantly or you are saying the truth that your brother got banned and now you can't connect. The reason why Dan can't check it is that you have the same IP if it were a different IP. that would be a different story.