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False Banning Incidents
  • It has come to appear that many accounts are being banned for use of "Client Modification". A lot of users have been claiming these bans are false. It seems to appear due to account ban history you are being sanctioned for client modification. I am aware most of you have been banned in the past for client modification and it was false.

    What you think:
    Why...I've never hacked or did anything wrong?

    What I think:
    Admin is investigating you're account for past sanction history to see if you should be allowed back on the server.

    What he should really do:
    Re-Think about everything because a lot of people have ban histories due to false banning from the ACC.

    What I truly think?
    Most of the players that were sanctioned were good players I know of and I truly do think they were false banned.
    They don't even use client modifications either...

    My problem:
    I am banned due to my brother being sanctioned for "Client Modification" which is false. He has never hacked on the server. Yet alone I would like to be unbanned as well.

    Most Players Were False Banned From Past ACC ISSUES!

    So if you truly are investigating...Think again about sanction history.
  • Ye I got banned for a day for afk mining in skyblock not sure if you saw it but theres a video link. Plus Flattening is MY account but because I gave Krabban access to it, his IP is still linked to the account therefore the account is banned to. Similar to your case
  • Almost the same with WitherStrafez. He is my brother btw. He got banned just for standing in ulti. What I think is that they are banning due to ban history. Which is compete BS... Most of the bans wither and I have are false bans from the old anti-cheat system.