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Oldschool Update, Balance Changes, Sanction Reset and Rank Price Adjustments
  • On the 9th of December at 4PM UTC (8AM PST, 11AM ET (EST), 2AM AEST), the following changes will be taking place:

    Release of revamped Oldschool Servers (Factions and Skyblock)
    Balance changes
    Ban reset
    Rank price changes

    Below, we have outlined the specifics of the listed changes.

    Revamped Oldschool Servers (Factions and Skyblock)

    That's right, Oldschool Servers.. But revamped?? We've made quite a few changes to things like the spawns, features and mechanics of the Oldschool Servers - but don't worry, they're still Oldschool!

    Most of these changes will remain a secret until release.. Though, we're sure you'll love them.

    The only thing you need to do in preparation is to make sure you're on your PC at 4PM UTC this Saturday (9th December). To translate this time to your local time, click here.

    On the following Saturday (16th December), we will be releasing our new Ulti server (now delayed). Sometime in the fortnight following the 9th of December, we will be releasing our Creative server.

    Balance Changes

    Dancraft has had a cross-server economy since September 2013. Despite previously stating that we think the cross-server economy is a fundamental feature of Dancraft, we have made the decision to trial-run a per-server economy (so your balance on Skyblock will not be the same as it is on Ulti). We are trialing this change as we feel that the cross-server economy allows for existing Dancraft players to become bored of new content quickly (as they already have the in-game money to advance).

    We are not resetting balances. Upon logging in on or after the 9th of December, you will be prompted with an interface to select which server you would like to transfer your balance to, you will have the option of Factions, Skyblock, Prison, OP PVP and Ulti. You will not be able to transfer your balance to one of the newly released Oldschool Servers.

    Ban Reset

    On the 9th of December, most sanctions will be reset (both bans and mutes). Sanctions thare issued between now and the 9th of December will not be reset. All previous sanctions will remain on your record. This means if you have been previously banned for cheating, you will receive an unappealable permanent ban in the case of a repeat offence.

    Rank Price Changes

    Due to the release of Oldschool Servers, and our recent introduction of new lower level perks, our rank pricing has changed. Here are the new rank prices that will be coming on the 9th of December:

    Gold Rank - $50 USD
    Diamond Rank - $100 USD
    Emerald Rank - $150 USD
    Obsidian Rank - $200 USD

    Leave a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share any opinions regarding the content of this post.

  • Are the skyblock and factions servers resetting?
  • I think the price for the ranks are a little too much...
  • And also for the cross-server econemey, can we choose how much money we want on per server, so say i have 10 mill, can i have like 5 mill on Factions,2 mill on Ulti, 2 mill on OpPvP and 1 mill on Skyblock?
  • 50 bucks!! Jesus age
  • Gold rank = 50 dollars..

    You really are in it for the money...
  • 50 quid for gold rank?? fucking hell Daniel... If you want to make money having the lowest rank FIFTY QUID wont be the way to earn cash LOL
  • Lots o people quitting rn
  • Am quitting and am _Slayer2006 so bye dancraft.