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Suggestions on what could be better for factions or honestly all of the server (Read this Dan)
  • Here are my thoughts and opinions on what could be better this will be in bullets because I'm awful at writing. Also this is all opinion so if it starts out with I think it's because this is my thoughts and opinions. ALSO I understand you can't craddle my opinions over others but I think these would go well with other players and not just mine.
    1. The first thing I want to say is I loved the server back in the day because almost all of the server was based around pvp now I don't know whether or not you should change this this is based on the communitys opinion and not just mine but factions if anything should have pvp.
    2. Factions
    2a (Sethome). The first thing I think really needs to be changed so it's just playable is the fact that you can't sethome by water/lava or in claimed area. Factions is about raiding, pvp and bases. MOST bases are going to have water or lava more likely water but it's still going to have one of those things so not having a home being able to be set near it now I know you can set it before it's placed but I would like to be able to have friends in my base or my other accounts be able to access that base. For claimed lands like it's factions there's going to be raiding if someone gets butthurt over someone raiding there base then they shouldn't be playing factions because factions isn't the same as survival there's raiding, pvp, and bases the fundamentals of factions.
    2b (Feasts and DP's). This one I highly suggest whether you listen is your own choice but at least here me out. I think you should take out a lot of the RNG factors like drop party's or as the server calls them dp's but personally that should be the players choice in whether they want to have one or not now I know that these ones are not limiting players to have them but they're taking out the point now I agree with them in the sense I don't think they should be eliminated for now I think once you have a higher player account you can take it out but for now increase the time and put better items. The next thing I highly suggest with the factor of loot is the feasts now I feel this is a really good implementation but I think the delivery is just not there the way I think it could be improved is by making them less chest with better items like make it 3 chest a chest for each gate and then put a prot 5 piece in every feast now I don't think that would be good currently because they're aren't that many players and to me I log on after most people are off line and just loot them but I find they could be 3 chest and better items but not have them so good right now and implement better ideas with a larger player base to bring more pvp.
    2c (Kits). Now I know you're probably going to pass this off as a wanting the old dancraft but in my personal opinion I think you should eliminate the weekly kits because it doesn't give a player a reason to come back until after the week and for me a reason at all because when you get your kit you want it there for pvp I remember the good pvpers would have 4 sets of prot 4 for pvp and they would replace it mid fight when it would get low with the set in there inventory and some would carry 2 and then /fix them mid fight with enchanted apple effects but that would take 4 weeks with this system and I don't think a lot of players are willing to wait that, and then if they loose that that's another 4 weeks it's just pointless to play at that point.
    3. Skyblock
    3a (Islands). again this is kinda wishing for the old days but I haven't played too long on skyblocks and I don't really care with legacy coming out but in my opinion you took skyblock and tried to make it better but in the end made it worse. It shouldn't have a mind it shouldn't have endless farms it shouldn't have all of those things it should be a chest a tree and see what you can make out of that. Now with ranks it already changed that even in old skyblock with the kits but the thing I loved about the old skyblock was that you got a chest a 4 x 4 block platform with a 2x2 chunk out of the corner (idk if these are actually the measurements I'm just roughly guessing) and a tree then it was about turning it into a whole amazing island. Now it's handing you everything so it's not impressive when it's big.
    3b (pvp). The pvp although it was really based around ranks with the pigfarm and getting enchanted golden apples through that and then enchanting armor and hoping your lucky with all those levels although that was something mainly only ranks could do I loved that system I don't really care as long legacy skyblocks has it but it's something to consider.

    if anyone wants to put their 2 sense into it I would be happy to hear about it.
  • 3b's fixer could be making god apples uncraftable , though people would slit my throat for that.