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DansTooGood Please Read [Urgent]
  • So on the 05/01/2018 at aproximately 7pm-7:25pm GMT+0 time, I was PvPing on ulti against mackeedlund, and then my computer crashes, I then reload up my laptop, and then I find i'm banned for a month? Why is that?
  • Anti cheat doing it's thaaaaang
  • @RD_ AAC is shit. thats why.
  • Trusting, you may submit an appeal here at www.dancraft.net/categories/appeal. The Admin will review your appeal.

    Thanks and have a nice day!
  • I feel your pain, this has happened to me a few times but I got unbanned quickly by doing a few things. You have 2 options, you can either submit an appeal as Melvard stated, or contact Dan on discord - I believe you're already on the discord so you should have no problem msging Dan about your issue. In this message you should probably include the following: What you were doing at the time of this unfortunate event, why you think it occured and how Dan can fix it. It's sad not seeing good 'ol Trusting around the server! Hopefully you'll come back soon man! We all miss you If you need any more help don't be afraid to msg me on discord, Ronaldo#1735 - Also thanks for saying I'm gonna get helper, Really appreciate it - Not trying to minimod but I'm not trying to slack

    ~ Ron
  • @ronaldo917917 I got banned from DC Discord since my old account got jacked and dan wont unban me on discord until I retrive my old mc account, nor will he accept my friends request on discord. so.
  • @Trusting dude I was on an alt and I got banned while Noobz was on... Why would I hack with an obby ranked account and I got banned for the unranked account because I was a good unknown pvper so it automatically means I'm hacking...