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Bug Report [Chat spam with server error]
  • What happened: My chat was spammed with "Hey! Sorry, but you can't PvP here" on Ulti
    How did this happen: Unknown (the chat just began to spam that message)

    Description: As you can see, the chat was being spammed with the message but I clearly wasn't "pvp-ing".
  • This is a common error that happens amongst others. If you bow shot someone whilst you are inside the safe zone, it will spam that. It could also because your partied with the person you shot, this happened to me yesterday and I had to wait for the person I shot to die. So if this problem ever occurs again try relogging OR tell the person you shot to relog OR wait for the person you shot to die.

    Glad if I could help you out Henry, my friend! See you on later! If this error occurs again don't be afraid to just /msg me in game

    ~ Ron