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My Rank That I RIGHTFULLY PAYED FOR, And for Dan to Fix his misteak.......
  • Hey Guys michaelpong32 here. Staff of Dancraft, and fellow players, Please grab a drink and get comfortable, this is going to be a very long forum post explaining my predicament! I have made a post similar to this post, but it got denied by the admin because I think I didn't put enough effort into explaining the whole situation/details/and proof.

    I started out on Dancraft early on during the time of a holiday, and a great big sale on their store. I decided to buy Obsidian rank for, /fly, /invsee, and /fix.
    After i bought it a couple days later i told my younger brother about the server, and he checked it out. He liked it too and ended up only being able to buy Emerald. (Parents at the time didn't like how fast we were donating to Dancraft..... xD). We played on the server for some time, I think about 3 maybe 4 years before some friends of ours, and I convinced my brother samayolo, (His in-game username), to upgrade to obsidian as well for the perks I talked about before. He upgraded and we had a blast for some time afterwards!

    It wasn't until recently, when the server upgraded, that I ran into the issue concerning my rank. I got demoted from OBSIDIAN TO DIAMOND......... While my younger brother.... Is still at obsidian rank! I immediatly made a forum post about it (for which I didn't try hard enough and explain everything in it). I also got to talk to Dan, which at the time really ticked me off for 3 reasons. 1: He told me that I bought a rank upgrade, (my brother samayolo did, not me) and that I wasn't eligible for it, and that i would have to email payment support to get it back! 2: him being a OWNER, Any owner him or Kubz could just move me back to obsidian group, But alas! (too lazy maybe? Or just money hungry? idk.....) 3: He afterwards told me to check the rules and BANNED ME ON THE SPOT, for standing still in spawn on ulti....

    Now me being angry at the time decided that I was NOT about to re-buy my obsidian rank,( THAT I HAVE ALREADY PAYED FOR AND HAD FOR YEARS), and I was not about to buy a un-ban for a false ban. So I made a forum post appealing to the false-ban and to my astonishment the admin told me it wasn't false......... At this point I was getting fed up with DC, so I made a Goodbye forum post explaining what happened and why I was upset. Only to find out a week later that Dan un-banned everyone for Christmas! So I have been playing a little everyday since then, waiting for a responce from the 3 EMAILS, I sent to PAYMENT SUPPORT. I have been waiting 3 weeks now and I think payment support is a MYTH!

    I have people asking me all the time about my obby rank, and each time I have to give them the short version of this story. So after talking to my friends, and my parents about this FRAUD, I have decided to make 2 final forum posts giving Dan a chance to make things right! I do not want to have to call my bank, and figure out the exact date when I donated, to get it back so I can get the hard earned money that I have been SCAMMED out of. Diamond rank is very different from Obsidian rank. I hate having to have my brother on so I can have him /invsee for me, or /fix for me (since his timer is 10 mins, and mine is now 15....)

    I will provide several video's below that i recorded some YEARS ago, showing PROOF I had what I PAYED FOR. I would like Dan, or kubz to explain why I have to contact my bank for fraud, OR to just fix their MISTAKE! So if you are a Admin or mod, pls send them to this forum post!!!! Thank you very much for listening to the whole story, and for trying to help me get back a piece of me that was stolen away.....

    Video Proof:

    In both of these video's I press tab, and it clearly shows my name being obsidian rank!
    Again please make this right so I can go back to having fun!
    Here is a video that my brother recorded when he was emerald before he bought obsidian upgrade:

    Sincerily - Michael (and angry parents)...... :D
  • i think this is stupid that dan is not giving your rank back and krabban03 has the exact same problem and so do I. Me and krabban03 both bought kit pvp and archer and have not got any money back or are kits back i think we should be reimbursed or given are kits back
  • Wow Very deserving definitly deserves it and clear evidence!
  • Jeez! You can sure as heck tell that this guy is committed to dancraft and deserves his rank back. Even from his video evidence you can tell that he's been a solider since day 1 - Recording hackers, being apart of the community. I don't know Michael too well but I do know that he deserves his rank. After all he's been through as apart of this community he very much deserves it. I get that you changed obsidian ---> emerald but why is he at Diamond? Since there was the rank change and stuff he should have a free rank upgrade to obsidian, maybe emerald but this has to change. I don't know if y'all messed up but you guys need to get your stuff together and fix the mistakes you've made. This one player is apart of the community - Even if he is only 1 player he's apart of it, you can tell from his video evidence he's been recording the hackers and supporting the community since day 1. You guys are taking away his motivation of doing that anymore, of letting him be free and be able to enjoy playing on the Dancraft network. This is a mistake..... that needs to be fixed - I don't care if you're too busy you need to get something that you've been holding off for a while now done.
    He made a dang 6 paragraph essay - HIS DEDICATION! Even if he had no evidence I would still definitely reinstate his rank.. With all this time he's invested to this server and all this effort he's put into this post, he deserves obsidian.

    If you could make his wish come true, it would mean the world.
    Thanks so much
    ~ Ron
  • Hi, I apologize for our lack of correspondence regarding this issue. There has obviously been some miscommunication and I would like to clarify what has happened here.

    The account michaelpong32 has only purchased the "Emerald to Obsidian" upgrade as per our records. At the time of purchasing this package, they were not of any Premium Rank.

    This was possible because, for a short period of time, accounts that were not eligible for upgrades (such as this) were able to purchase them. After we discovered this bug in our system, we assigned the appropriate ranks to all users who had accidentally purchased a rank that they were not eligible for. This is what happened to the aforementioned account.

    We cannot simply let everyone who purchased an incorrect rank keep their rank (as @ronaldo917917 requested, understandably) because it would be very unfair on all of the community members who have paid the full amounts for their rank packages.

    We are more than happy to help out via email if you believe our records are incorrect and this is not the case. That said, we will need some sort of proof of payment, whether that be a transaction ID or picture of your bank statement with the charge for the rank purchase prior to the upgrade.

    If you have sent emails more than 72 hours ago and have no received a response, it is likely we did not receive them. Please resend the email to [email protected] and make sure the spelling is correct.

    If you would prefer, you can request your parent emails us and we can work with them to further clarify or resolve the issue.

    Thank you.
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