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Why I am such an autistic loser with like, one friend?
  • no.1 I do have autism...
    no.2 I have social issues, as well as asperger syndrome
    no.3 I'm not good with people
    no.4 I get scammed a lot, and nothing I can do about it.
    no.5 I'm constantly getting bullied, people keep stomping on my new 50$ shoes on purpose
    no.6 I have no confidence in myself.
  • Dan here!

    Asperger's syndrome can make things tough, but it most certainly doesn't make you a loser. Bill Gates has Asperger's syndrome.. do you often hear people saying he is a loser?

    As someone who has many relatives and friends who suffer with autism, I know firsthand that it can be hard for people to understand how you might be feeling and what you are going through. It's important to remember that some people, especially young people, aren't very knowledgeable and can sometimes be ignorant towards people who are different in some respects. In actuality, most people are respectful, kind and would love to be your friend - the people who aren't too nice tend to make themselves known and for that reason stand out to you!

    Me and @Kubsz are your friends, so that makes at least 3 of us (and I'm sure the number is much higher). We have both seen you being helpful to players in-game and being a valuable member of the community. I'm sure you know how bitter and rude people can be online, so for someone like yourself, with Asperger's syndrome, to have stood out to us really says a lot about how strong you must be!

    Confidence can sometimes seem like something that will never grow, but it does - trust me!

    I would also recommend that you speak to your parents about the bullying that goes on. That isn't acceptable and you do not have to put up with that.
    If you you'd prefer to speak to someone in private, you can send me/us an email at [email protected].
  • Well put, @admin. Don't let the bullies get to you. As an Autistic person myself, I feel your pain. If you ever need anyone to talk to, just say so! I am your friend
  • Dude I'm your friend c;
  • Reskin! Buddy! I'm your friend now, I'm here for you! If you're having bad thoughts about yourself don't be afraid to just /msg me in game and we can talk about your problems and how we can solve them! I really just want the best for you now Reskin, and you know that... I know, I'm not a doctor or anything like that but I am a person who wants to help..

    I'll see you later!
    ~ Ron!