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  • one of the feasts are broken and does not refill. i feel the rate of creeper eggs should be increased because creeper spawners are not obtainable. and also it would help with raiding.
  • Thank you for your suggestion!

    The Dancraft Staff Team will most likely look at it! Though I am not apart of the Dancraft staff team I like to help people out! That one feast is well known to be broken, try to avoid it when looting! At every feast there's a rare item, that item could be spawners, protection 5 armour, creeper eggs - You name it. Creeper eggs are at a good rarity because they make raiding super easy - Part of factions is using tnt cannons, thats what makes it more fun!

  • Noobs use the italic and bold *cough cough* ronaldo and think it makes them look cool, We know your ronaldo ronald so dont sign it -ron. You use it like: THANKS FOR YOUR SUGGESTION! middle through im not a staff member. just say "Contact a staff member"
  • "Part of factions is using TNT cannons" - Yet cannons and TNT itself do no damage to obsidian or bedrock, Glad to hear you think of cannons as a part of factions like most people out there, hopefully this can be changed soon.
  • The feast which is West of spawn is broken, I feel it could be a simple fix :) I hope this helps staff to find it.