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I'm banned, but I'll wait :)
  • Hi, my username is TheLeftBrain,
    I'm banned for the same reason WaderB was banned, I (TheLeftBrain) was also one of the people to /vm yes on NoFlux when they bypassed the chat filter.

    (WaderBs Screenshot - https://gyazo.com/2ea44984f4730428e3bcfcb763698e76)

    I was not aware of what actually was punishable in chat and guessed that bypassing the filter was a valid enough reason to /vm a player.
    I am not too bothered about being unbanned as it is only 29 hours or so left. But I felt the need to attempt to clear my name in this situation as I honestly felt I was doing the right thing.

    I wish to apologize NoFlux, in the near future, personally as I didn't intend to get him punished due to the lack of my understanding of what met the criteria of a VM.

    I was an original player in v1 and v2 was when I started being "serious" about factions. However, I left in v4 due to some updates which I didn't 100% agree with and as I have only just returned this reset I do have limited understanding of the VM, so Dan or Kubz would it be possible to direct me to a page where I can see what meets the criteria of a VM?

    Thank you for your time :D

    P.s You don't have to unban me as I am willing to learn from this mistake and I promise I will try my hardest to review the situation better before I VM another player.
  • Hi, thank you for making appeal.

    Vote mutes should only be started and/or voted yes to if you have seen a recent (e.g. in the past 60 seconds) chat offense by the player the vote is for.

    Bypassing the chat filter is a chat offense and can be punished with a vote mute. That said, the vote mute should be issued at the time of the offense. You should not call a vote mute on a different server, or at another time in future for that same offense (or any previous offense). This is to stop people from calling vote mutes at times when it suits them and for reasons other than enforcement of the rules.

    Your sanction has been removed.
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