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An actual Dancraft Series...
  • Heya! I'm TheLeftBrain, also known as Hannah.

    If you are unware of who I am let me briefly tell you about who I am - I am an ACTUAL YouTuber. In 2017 I made 378 videos of "high standard".
    I started of making PvP videos on MC in 2012 and in 2015 I turned into a personally YouTuber making videos about my life and making vlogs in a style which has never been seen before. As of today my channel has over 250,000 views and a few videos over 10,000 views and many over 5000 views.

    I won't advertise my channel here with a link, but you can easily find my channel by searching Hannah Phillips Real. I made some Dancraft videos on my Gaming channel which I closed a year back. But this time I won't to focus on something I have been thinking about for a while and that is to take what I have learnt from creating vlogs and personality videos and put it into a new format which I have never seen on YouTube.

    I will be posting it on my main channel if this is something the community of Dancraft would like to see? If you peeps like the idea of an actual Dancraft series I will start immediately, but I would like to talk to Dan about using an Alt as a "camera" to get 3rd person angles of TheLeftBrain - which is my main.
  • Think it is a great idea, would love to help if you want.
  • It would help advertise dancraft, for free
  • Hey! Mind giving me a shoutout? My youtube channel is Dreamers. Inc, you can easily find it by typing Dreamers. Inc gaming on youtube. I would really appreciate the support... If you do shout me out I could give Dancraft the recognition it deserves and I can start to focus on youtube and make it a career. Your videos are very unique and thats what I like about you, so if you could shout me out I would really appreciate it!

    ~ Ron
  • earn your subs legit..' I could give dancraft the recognition it deserves' is such a soppy excuse for wanting fame.
    *your videos
    you're = you are

    'you are videos are very unique' doesn't make sense. if you want to minimod the community alteast do a good job of it. Even if he does shout you out people will not want to watch your videos because someone told them to, earn your subs like any other person would and build a fanbase on dancrat yourself.
  • 'you are videos are very unique' doesn't make sence.'

    When you're trying to make corrections that aren't really a big deal and make a mistake yourself.
  • Oh btw. Sense.*
  • you drunk?
  • read the comment
  • Jeez! Sorry for making a spelling mistake, Mr. Perfect.
  • I only picked up on that because you minimodding is so fucking annoying...
  • I'm not minimodding... I'm that person 'monitoring' the community... Keeping this server a nice and fun place for every age!
  • By monitoring the community you cant actually do anything, if someone swears or is racist what can you do?
    slap them with a classic
    "please ensure you read www.dancraft.net/rules in future"
    you cant stop people from doing anything so stop minimodding.

  • Maybe a little drunk.
  • Just kidding