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Cooked Beef in OS Skyblock
  • I would really love cooked beef in Old-School Skyblock because I think its quite weird you can see uncooked meat to sell yet no cooked meat?? I bet I could be appealing for the other types of meats too to be honest. Plus I would love if you could be able to sell wool for a cheaper price than buying it because of Sheep spawners. Thanks for looking at my suggestion :)
  • Sorry buddy, we are currently out of stock of 'Cooked Beef' at the moment. You should expect an email from our compliance team within 48 hours regarding our current stock.
  • Damn :( I have so much meat that needs to be junked off my island
  • Well in that case we can organise one of our team members to come and remove the junk from your island. We do charge a $10 removal fee prior to the date of pick-up.
  • @xXTheGodZeusXx $10 only? what a bargain! When can you pick it up I really need it as I have many other plans to get to ;)
  • @Noobz_ We can do a pick-up from the 23rd of January as of right now we are currently closed due to immature, illiterate team members making flatulent noises whilst in the work place. We are dealing with this issue and it should be resolved shortly.


  • @xXTheGodZeusXx I have to go to on a business trip on the 22nd and I will not be able to see this happen. I cannot trust your jurisdiction because of the 'illiterate team members' thus I will not be sending $10
  • What a meme LMAO
  • @Trusting Do you know da wae