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Ban Appeal - (IP Linked to my mates account)
  • Hello,
    I was banned a few days ago on ULTI, my mate was over at my house and was connected to my Internet. We both were on DanCraft PvPing for a while. I then logged off Dancraft for a bit to go send some emails and investigate some payments I had pending which I had to deal with at the time. My mate continued PvPing whilst I was offline, he then got banned for using a modified client. I then returned only to find out that I had been issued a sanction as well, for an offence on an account linked to my IP address. Now... My mate often clicks randomly around spawn to test his hit delay and cps with his cps mod via forge. With us both being Australian we get some extreme combo's on other players who are not from the same country. He said to me he was getting accused of reach whilst PvPing some players. I can vouch for this with the type of hits us Australians get, I can definitely see where other players are coming from. Anyways... I would be extremely grateful if the ban would be lifted.