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Ronaldo, or anyone who cares about what happened to me read this. It’s happy.
  • Most people nowadays probably think I quite by choice, but the truth is I’ve been grounded this whole time XD Truthfully I’m happy I was grounded because it helped me realize dancraft is literally just a block game and I can still have fun without it. And I’m sorry for my constant low self confidence posts, apparently I have moderate/severe-ish anxiety but recently I got into the hobby of riding this extremely dangerous stick called a “ripstik” and it is as addicting as crap. I am pretty good. It gives me confidence in myself when I succeed and helps me realize the greatest pride isn’t in not falling, but getting back up. This post is kinda personal but I wanted to have a formal explaination as why I probably won’t get back on dancraft much, or ever. RIP my island lol. Great example of what happens when you pick a friend * former friend * who constantly cusses and other friends and the owner of dancraft... I have a quite high in game bal, probably gonna do a givaway. I’m very happy now, I don’t have to worry about OH NOE I BE RAIDED AGIN. I love you guys, I have lots of friends and am happy to live!


    Lol I was so salty about a month ago.

    I have a few thing I would like to say,
    Dan this is urgent. Very urgent GIVE RON HELPER HE IS A FREAKING AMAZING HELPER FOR YOU ALREADY!!! (ginger shoots me in the background) I took your advice dan, blocked ginger on all forms of communication. If no one understands what is happening here is a long boring explaination.

    A long time ago me and ginger were like “HEY WE BE NEIGHBOR WITH RUNALDO LETS LIKE BE TOTAL IDIOTS AND INSULT HIM AND USE BOOM BOOM BLOCKS LOL FUNNI PARNK BROTATO CHIP! (It went nothing like that but you get the point)
    We blew up Ron’s sugar cane farm, and all those people saying “TNT IS DISABLE RESKIN LEAKED 2K18” this was before it was disabled, and actually caused it to be disabled. Me and my friend, who helped me blow it up were fairly banned, for 2000 hours. I made an appeal that literally had like no evidence and dan was like “well I’m half drunk I’ll just unban him lol” (he probably wasn’t drunk, just a joke because he had no reason to unban me) ginger stayed banned, and he took a differen5 approach, dissing dan and being an all around idiot. He (I think) made his ban longer because of this. Anyways, in to the future 80 or more days, he is unbanned, and I am super, super, super, happy. We decide to expand my island. Into the future more, I had 1.9 million island points, very high on the leaderboards, and living the swag life. We decided to play his server (a blank looking world) and I typed the wrong world edit command and crashed the server. He spammed “F*** YOU!” On my steam message. I thought we had made up the day after, but in a few days, he would do the ultimate act of betrayal. I looked on my steam. “Reskin Da_El has gone crazy! She is burning everything!!!” I trusted ginger, since we had known each other much longer. I blamed Da_El and was crazy mad. I had dan check logs to see who did it. It ended up being ginger. He was perm banned (for raiding 2 times) and I was left heartbroken and mortified by what happened. I lost 1.7 mil island points overnight by the fire (my island was mostly wood) and here I am now.

    I am fine by what happened now, and I think it is unimportant anymore. I hope to see you all again, but don’t count on it.
  • Nice! I used to love ripstiks, awesome that you found something else to do! Always good to move on from things, just as I moved on with us (:! Also thanks for saying I need helper, really boosts my self confidence and only wants me to work harder! You should come back though, there's going to be a reset anyways so you can just restart your island just like everyone else :D!


    Thanks Reskin.
  • I have no time to read this, sorry :p but anyways, ron should be helper. He'd be 100x better than dan and kubsz put together, not even kidding.
  • And Dan banned DCpolice from the forums, LOLOLOOOL
  • Dan litteraly ruined the server, he just doesnt want to admit cause hes fake news like CNN
  • And you didn't ruin the server by botting false VM's to 7 people... Yeah didn't think so. @Henry1002