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Starting A Dancraft Police
  • I think that dancraft is becoming more and more less popular. With the last few players that play dancraft (Me every once and a while) hack or scam. I've been a dancraft player for a long time. I hated to see dancraft die over the new years and updates. So this forum is to create a undercover police for dancraft. I see that dancraft is pretty dead and not many players play, I also noticed that dancraft is more popular during the summer. I am here to help make dancraft great again and bring back our wonderful players such as Tina87 BenTheDork NorpTheDork Hexogons Pentogons Paksjr and Warriorbunny. Most of dancraft players got bored of dancraft from the lack of players so why not make a group where all dancraft hackers, scammers and etc will be punished! This evolves being physically active on dancraft. I'm not just going to let anyone join this though. I need active helpful players who will be here to support dancraft every step of the way. It is very easy to join! If you would like to join than in the comments please comment down Yes, The reason why and how can you help. If you get approved than welcome to the undercover dancraft team! Please be as descriptive as possible, This does not need any hate and if you want to join you do, if you don't than you don't. All I'm saying is that their will be spots open. Also there will be limited spots and if you are inactive your spot on the team will be removed but can be earned back.

    How active do I have to be?: Well in order to stay on the team and keep you're spot you must be active enough to be on once a week minimum. You're spots will be ranked up and earned. You're spots will be determined by the effort you put in on your application. Good luck and please be descriptive. Also must be active enough to meet once a week every Thursday at 6pm central time on Sky block New.

    Creator: RawItzWinter// BabyDucky_
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  • Hello Winter,

    Sorry to be a putdown but the last time one of these happened it instantly got shutdown, people didn't really look up to the leaders of the group like they should, they just bashed them. Hexo and Pento still play fyi. Many people have tried doing this and it just hasn't worked, that's why many players (including me) are waiting for the Dancraft Helper team to be released, people don't really look up to regular players, even having that [Helper] tag makes a huge difference. I really respect your courage that you have and your empathy, I'm just not one to say this will help the community.

    Good luck,

  • Why do people need the 'Helper' tag to help people?
  • People don't need it to help people. Sometimes players say 'Why should I listen to you' or 'Somebody help me' but then get a response from a normal player and then they're upset. Having the 'Helper' tag gives the impression that this community is safe and it's well taken care of, it also gives players the sense that they have someone to instantly look up to and someone to go to if they need help. I have told players many times that if they need help they can come to me but they always end up asking Dan.. They ask Dan because he's the owner, they don't ask me because I'm just a player.

  • Just going to put this out there, how do you have any sort of staff thing for an in game faction? The most you could call yourselves are helpers and have the remaining ranks be part of some random discord thing.