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Dancraft Evolution (dan read this)
  • Dancraft is failing. 4 people on at a time max? Dan is really trying his hardest, but we have to notice, he can’t do this alone and with Kubsz. As far as I’m concerned, kubsz is inactive and not doing anything. Dan needs helpTHE. Dan I hope you are reading this because I have a few ideas that may put dancraft back on the map. The first one is simple. THE RANKS COST A HECKA MONEY AND NO ONE GONNA PAY 60 BUCKS FOR GOLD SO CHANGE THE DANG PRICEEEE! Ok I need to chill. Second, I understand the difficulties but you neeeeedd to add the helper rank. Also with kubsz being a useless lump of coal (as far as I’m concerned he has done nothing, if he has I’m sorry) you need more admins. I get how hard it is, but it needs to happen. You may be in a crunch to find admins that won’t ruin the server, but I think you should have a poll on different players and their traits/values/sanctions and let the community help you decide. Number 3, new lobbies/maps. As I explained, most of the maps are much too big for 2 players waddling around on OpPvp. It is a duck hunt where no players collide. Along with that, you need to fix balance changes in the shops, which brings me to number four. The items for decorations are overpriced. Much, much, overpriced. Even with 25 million, I don’t buy glass. These high prices may be intimidating for younger players. I have to go, I’ll finish this later.
  • Hi @ReskinGetsRekt! We appreciate the support and suggestions. There will be some announcements regarding future updates and changes in the next few weeks.
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