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Money going negative?
  • I don't know if this is happening to anyone, but I keep losing money for no reason. I was once 12mil then I didn't hop back on the server til a week later and then lost 5.3mil and then later couple days after lost 6mil. Then I went into negative and I was wondering how is this possible. I knew that my account wasn't hacked or being used because I changed the password several times and it's not possible for a player to buy items and go negative. I try to hop on once every day to get my balance out of the negative and now sitting at 10k. I have heard this happen to a couple players, but due to the lack of activity on the server, there isn't a lot of players to ask about this. So if you have experienced something like this or have a solution, please comment below ASAP!.
  • I've seen it happen to others. Have you been banned or sanctioned by any chance?
  • No I have never