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False banned??
  • Hello, Yes this is VortexfromFire if you have not notice. I had few budz over for high school graduation and they sign-in onto my Pc. He was playing skyblock for a bit then he sign-out. 2-3 days later I try to sign in on this account and it said I got banned for Account linking. So Staff of Dancraft Do you mind un-banning me for this random accident that Occur.

    Thanks- VortexFromFire
  • Unfortunately this appeal does not line up with our evidence based understanding of the incident.

    1. The account was being used by yourself at the same time it was banned at - immediately after the alternate account was banned you attempted to log in via "VortexFromFire" (from the same IP address).

    2. The alternate account has certainly previously cheated, based on our anti-cheat logs. This is the reason the alternate account is banned.

    3. Your "VortexFromFire" account, along with any other linked accounts are banned for as long as this alternate account is banned. It does not matter who cheated on the account at the time, the fact of the matter is that an account you were using has recently cheated, and your main account has been banned as it is linked to that account that cheated.

    This is clearly stated in our "Alternate Accounts & Account Sharing" rule:
    "Whilst sharing an account will not result in a sanction, our sanction system will automatically disable access for accounts related to your own that have an active sanction. This means any accounts you have connected with will be banned in the event of a sanction and vice versa."

    Your appeal has been denied.
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