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Server and hackers. By: Gewty
  • The reason Gewty had me post this is because There was a weird IP address error for him.

    This server has turned into a shit fest of hackers. I only play Ulti on this server (But i've played since V2). This server has constantly had hackers on it...and an outrageous amount of them. Dan really needs to get his shit together and realize how many hackers are actually playing especially on Ulti. There is people always running around with no knockback...reach....and forcefield CONSTANTLY. They usually end up with op gear and can barely get killed unless you end up catching them off guard with strength pots and prot IV + Sharp IV. If you don't kill them fast enough they eat apples while running and run to spawn. Its fucking ignorant of Dan to not have ANY mods on the server because he has trust issues out the ass obviously. Dan needs to realize he needs mods for this server to even be alive. That's the reason not much people play this server. He has tried to create a really good hack block before and obviously it didn't work out for him...Get your shit together Dan and actually make people mod. I'm surprised this server isn't completely dead because of how infested it is with constant hackers. He needs to make people be mods dedicated to one server that they enjoy playing. I think there is a couple mods but they obviously never come to Ulti. I rarely see people actually getting banned for "unauthorized client" in the chat. Even if Dan has trust issues there's no fucking reason there should be 10+ mods, because he could easily make it so their permissions couldn't do anything that isn't harmful too the server. Even if Dan has issues and didn't want to make people mod he should at least get on on server more and actually ban people. But i RARELY seen him on in V2 and i highly doubt he even gets on even more.
  • It's hard for me to believe that one or two admins can take care of a server with 100+ players. I understand his method of choosing staff members, but he seriously needs to look at the better half of players and get his staff issue worked out, and the fact that both of them are EU, that just makes things a lot more difficult. Get some members from the United States. You need to start seeing the potential in some players... dont h8 on me plz
  • I agree with both of those post, at least make a rank like in mineplex where they have helper who can just temp mute or temp ban people. But yes only 2 moderators for a 100+ server? 2 people can't do it easily also the new ban system doesn't always work, I've recorded many hackers that have bypassed the ban. They use kill aura/force field, Run while eating, anti knockback. Like come one Dan at least make a Rank like in mineplex with helper and depending on their job should be promoted to moderator!