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Bye Dancraft
  • Hello Dan and Kubsz.

    Im so damn proud of you and what you've done... You finally destroyed Dancraft litterly i see obsidian ranks hacking with bhop and all please get more staff members you can't have it like this, your anti-cheat sucks it only bans like tomato client nothing more lol. Fix this please i spend alot of money on Dancraft and Dancraft was my fav server. Now i think im finally gonna leave this server. Guys all my team tell me when Dancraft gets good again so i can join back please. Dan/Kubsz you dont know what hacks are you banned Kaaaayla for no damn reason the proof was shit i promise you make me staff and ill do better job the you have ever done. Im done with Dancraft it sets worse everyday, are you planning to do anything to make it good Dan? That's the question everyone asks and you don't do anything to make it better. I've been on Dancraft since V1 i remember when Dancraft was good, wehn nobody hacked because you had alot of staff member for example Holliebrine and Slayerkey. What happend after that Dan?? I'll remind all of you what happend Dan kicked the staff because he got the new good anti-cheat 100% working. Then Dancraft falled apart. After that you made a new version and took care in the start and what happend again? Tell me dan wtf is happening wth is happening rn... Everyone hacks and you don't care.

    Thanks for reading and hope you this any sence for you. Im done with Dancraft 2016-10-25 Bye Dancraft i'll miss all of you... I come when the new version comes...

    Best wishes.//Krabban03
  • Ik I never really spoke to you, but bye.
  • Valiant soz bro i have to Dan doesnt know how to have a server...
  • _XoRabbito_X ik we like never talk but i appriciate you say bye thanks alot <3
  • LMAO Lamek xDD
  • Bye, bruh. See ya when DC gets better.
  • krabban is a virgin