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I may be coding a custom awesome anticheat for dancraft called Dancraft Anti Cheat.
  • Hello dancraft, it's me again Zap_Craft. I wanted to tell you that I may be coding a custom Anti-Cheat for your server. The reason for this is because from what I have seen on the forum posts, there have been too many hacker reports. The NoCheat+ and the AAC are not banning enough hackers from dancraft. Infact, I have seen people FLY hack horizontally and vertically on ulti and bypass the NoCheat+ very easily. If the owner of dancraft does not want this Anti-Cheat, then that's fine, I'm ok with that. about 80% of people that do not hack on dancraft have told me that they want more players on the server to PvP etc. Although this is going to be a big project for me, I really want DanCraft to be a good server where there are lots of players 24/7. So the anticheat will include a lot of things. For instance, an Anti-Fly that is advanced. First the anticheat will warn staff and the hacker. It will warn the hacker and alert staff that the user could potentially be hacking. This is going to be an advanced anticheat, so the user will most likely be hacking. But, if dancraft wants the anticheat, and they want the anticheat to auto-ban, then I need to know how long it will auto-ban the hackers. I am going to need a response from the owner of this server of how long he wants the Auto-Ban system to ban hackers, or that if he just wants the Anti-Cheat to only warn staff and not Auto-Ban.
    The reason why I want the server to have a better Anti-Cheat is because about 75% of the people that hack can bypass both the NoCheat+ and the AAC.
    If we do something about the NoCheat+ and the AAC, I think the Dancraft network would have about 90% or more players. Right now, there are about in between 50 to 100 players on dancraft. So dancraft could get around 90-170 players if they use this anticheat. Note: This anticheat has not been coded yet because I am waiting for a response from the owner saying whether he wants the anticheat or not. Also, this is only a suggestion.

    Remember dancraft, this is only my personal suggestion. You do not have to have this anticheat, but it is suggested.

  • I can't see who commented :/
  • Good idea; there's just never any staff online.
  • Noone wants your trash.
  • Lol _xIPandaCritzIx_ there are almost always staff online because when I do /report, it always says there is a staff member online. You can't say there is "never" staff online.
  • LOL. Because the /report is glitched you retarded dumb fuck.
  • sadly I don't think dan wants your "custom" anti cheat as he doesn't care for this stupid game anymore? Have you guys still failed to realize he just wants money? Otherwise the server would have been sold
  • 1st Thing you have no idea how hard it is to make an anti cheat
    2nd Thing you don't know how to code you legit use jigsaw (Public)
    3rd Thing you can't apply via forums you get picked for staff
    4th Thing dan doesn't trust anyone to be staff
    5th Thing the NoCheatPlus config that is put in to the server only bans for the amount of clicks you got I've tested this 20 cps is the max
    6th Thing is dan hasn't added AAC to ulti (he's busy)
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  • There severs never going to have hundreds of poeople 24/7 and going back to pandas point that is a bot who shows up as staff
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  • Well Let me be honest with you Zap_Craft_Gaming. First off they aren't just gonna let you put a custom made plugin into their server because of trust issues. Second off AAC is one of the best hacker-catching plugins out their on the market. The reason it is not banning players fast enough or false-banning players is the fact that they haven't even touched the configuration. Simply I've used this anti-cheat and have configed it myself to ban hackers. I have already sent them an email at their support for an optimized configuration that will boost the anti-cheat. Celebrimbor is the maker of this script and has details on his optimized guide if you don't wanna buy the script. Here: https://goo.gl/ttc5Ak

    Here is his script which can be bought for around $10 which is the best choice for the anti-cheat:
  • When Dancraft had 300-400 players. Good memories.
  • Can anyone make me an anticheat
  • If it frickin' bans me for nothing, I'm gonna be coming straight for you.
  • Guys can you please stop with the rude comments :(
  • And btw KysBud, I do not hack on dancraft.