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Server Suggestion
  • First of all, I like to thank Dan for bringing a reborn to Dancraft and Kubsz sticking with the server. I thought of a few suggestions for the server. P.S Keep in mind I don't play a lot of some of the other servers like Skyblock and KitPvP.

    1. Fix up OP PvP, and bring it back to us. Add special quests and events in OP PvP. For example, like if they click on a specific quest, it would tell you to like kill 10 players under 5 minutes or kill 10 players with a head shot. You would then get rewards after completing the quest. Add two different Maps. Have a portal to one and a portal back. Add special Items, maybe a egg that is actually a grenade when you throw it, or a

    2. Fix up Factions. Reclaim spawn by the Warzone and give the players a square border and not a circle one. Also, the border should be like 10k by 10k in the Overworld. Put a 5k by a 5k border in the Nether and End. Allow withers only in the End, but not in the Overworld or Nether. Let the Overworld be a place for players to build bases that can be raided by cannons. Withers almost ruin the game of factions when players have /fly. So best to remove withers in the overworld but allow it in the end. This will shine many players that have many skills. I have talked and met many players on Dancraft that want to cannon but have no point to due to the fact that there are way too many hackers and other exploits. Removing the combat tag from mobs, getting combat tag by mobs is just ridiculous. You should only get combat tag by players. Remove the idea of creeper eggs doing damage on obsidian. Many players on tp glitching and then creeper egging inside the walls to get inside. This needs to stop, for it ruins factions.

    3. Fix everyone's Skyblock Island. Some how everyone has now lost access to their own island. Also, The shop should be changed to a new version like the /shop. It can allow players to buy multiple items that can't be bought and spawners that can't be bought. Add Challenges and Quests.

    4. Prison is fine the way it is, but adding events inside Prison would make it more fun. Also adding special custom enchants and perks would make it fun. You can maybe add a new balance money inside Prison. Which allows the players to use that certain money to buy bigger inventories, explosive pickaxes, a haste effect when holding your pickaxes. All of this can make prison more interesting.

    5. For Ulti, change up the map. Allow duels and such for players who want to 1v1 and don't want to be ganged up by teams. Adding quests and events in this server will make it more fun for players who are non-donators. It will help them get gold and Diamonds easier.

    6. Make KitPvP more interesting. How? Add new kits, add custom enchants, add special effects. Making KitPvP more interesting and not just some boring, choose your kit game type.

    Over All Server Suggestion:

    1. Adding Events Ex: FFA, Duels, Tournaments.

    2. Adding Quests! Each server can have a different type of quest that applies to that certain server. Ex OPPvP: Kill 10 players under 5 minutes and receive $25000. Ex: SkyBlock: Get to Level 20 and receive a Slime Spawner or $100000. Something like this will make players enjoy that certain server.

    3. Recruiting New Staff Members(That Can be trusted.) You can have players apply to the forums and to make sure they can be trusted. Open up a section in Discord for Staff interviews. This will help regain OG Dancraft players trust to rejoin the server.

    4. Remove the Anti-Cheat and get a well upgraded one. Not a more secure one that checks for more perks but the one that actually can detect hacking.

    5. Giving Donators not bigger Enderchests but Player Vaults. I find Player Vaults more convenient than Larger Enderchests.

    6. Remove the Global Money. Global Money is some what "Broken"/"UnFair". Players in Skyblock that have Iron Golem spawners in their Island, will constantly make money forever without losing it. Then come over to Ulti or OPPvP and buy just THE most op stuff so then other players don't have the chance to even catch up. Players money should stay where they are on that specific server. Unlike Factions, bases can be raided and those Spawners can be removed. Although Global money ruins other servers, so remove global money making it more balanced.
  • Do you seriously have THAT much free time to do an essay on a block game forums...
  • First of all, it's not an essay. Second, I go swimming practice, the gym, and work. Last, it does not take a lot of time to simply type this out if your fast at typing. I guess you're just slow at it.
  • I counted 5 errors in just the first 2 paragraphs.
  • YES! This needs to be a thing. The only thing I disagree on though is the global currency. Being able to make money on a different game mode and then using it on another is a good way to keep everyone engaged in throughout the whole server. So you don't have people that just come to play one gamemode. And its a good way to make a huge progression in the game. Getting rich doesn't happen over one day. All the OP players had to put in that work to get to where they are. It opens a whole new type of gameplay. In the end, everyone has the chance to become rich and op. That's just my opinion on it though.
  • Nofuxgiven I agree