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Server Suggestions and Advice
  • Since Dan is bringing back Dancraft, or at least is trying to, here are some suggestions I have:

    -Update the current anti-cheat or get a new one
    -Fix the lag
    -Hire new staff members
    -Clean the forums
    -Reset bans/punishments
    -Bring sales
    -Fix ulti
    -Fix factions
    -Remove free 200k from new account registering to Dancraft
    -Update/clarify rules
    -Process appeals
    -Process reports

    1. Update the current anti-cheat or get a new one

    You don't even need to ask me why. Many people have been banned by this anti-cheat. Come to think of it, more innocent players are punished instead of rule breakers. No wonder why many people aren't playing on the server. Dan, please update the anti-cheat or get a new one as this would reduce hackers.

    2. Hire new staff members

    How can you run a server with no staff members (or one in the case - Kubsz)? There should be a system for hiring players for a staff position. Perhaps set up a section on the forums for applications, or you can set up an email where people can submit their applications. Simply hand-picking people for a staff position is not an effective way of choosing the best people for the job.

    3. Clean the forums

    Seriously? This Christmas package thing is still be announced every time I log-in to the forum. This is not acceptable and really shows how poor this server is in terms of effort.

    4. Reset bans/punishments

    Want to draw people back onto the server, Dan? Simple, reset all bans/punishments. I know you would be bringing many hackers back on, but that's why I mentioned "Hire new staff members" and "Update the current anti-cheat or get a new one".

    5. Bring sales

    Sales always attract people. You can't deny this.

    6. Fix ulti

    Ulti was like the star of Dancraft. Many people used to play it back when the server was active. Bringing ulti back into an "active" state would bring many old players back.

    7. Fix factions

    Back in V3, factions pretty much dominated the player count. Now, it's dead. Dan, please fix factions as it would also bring many old players back.

    8. Remove free 200k from new accounts registering to Dancraft

    Anyone can go on a random alt and give their main free 200k. No wonder why people have millions of in-dollars. This glitch defeats the purpose of sky block.

    9. Update/clarify rules

    Only six rules, huh? Dan, please update the rules.

    10. Process appeals

    Last time Kubsz processed an appeal was like a year ago. Not acceptable.

    11. Process reports

    Last time Kubsz processed a report was like a year ago. Not acceptable.

    I know this list is tedious, but as an owner, this is your responsibility, Dan.

  • Ah yes,

    12. Fix lag

    How can you play on a laggy server? That's right, you can't.
  • Fix lag by adding more ram but if that's done, then it's something inside the server.