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Admin Application
  • To whom it may concern, I would like to apply for admin. But I will guess you have questions:
    1: How will you catch/ban hackers?
    Either people would tell me, i know people on Dancraft and me hate all the hackers,
    or i would watch the servers closely, mostly ulti and soon OP PVP.

    2. How would you benefit to the server?
    Well, there actually aren't many admins/mods/staff to begin with. I think i would be a great addition to the server. I have also donated, i have bought all the ranks standing at obsidian rank right now.

    3. Have you ever had a past experience with being owner/admin/staff/mod?
    Yes, admin, on another server. I did help the server, but after a while the owner thought it was a bad idea, so the server was shutdown. I do not remember the IP.

    If you want to post your opinions and thoughts to the comments, feel free to.
    (By the way, why do people think I am hacking??)

  • They're not accepting staff apps. Good luck. If you want to be Admin I suggest you fix your capitalisation.
  • Hi Evannith! Good to see you're ready and willing to help the server. Although right now, there are no staff applications being set up for acceptance, I believe. The best way you can start helping is by spreading the word out to everyone that Dan is back! Keep up the good work, stay hyped and spread the word.

  • ^minimod.....
  • Ugh, Stormy. Please. Stop. Mini-modding. Just because Dan is back does not mean he'll choose you. So please, stop.
  • Not mini-modding bro. I have no intention to be mini-modding around the server. Just keeping up the hype and making sure those who want to apply for staff to still know, they might get the chance to. People like you should be going around and spreading the word. Not commenting on the forums and just being negative. So show some hype and get others hyped.

  • Stormy is just trying to be nice and help people.
  • @StormyBlizzard Lol there's so much negativity in this community. People need to brighten up and not try to bring people down for doing the right thing. I've already basically been called a mini mod for spreading news on the forums. Ridiculous. Don't let them change what you do. Keep up the good work bro!
  • Mini-modding is better than b ing negative
  • Thanks, @SoggyCereal_, and @NofuxGiven. It's good to see some good players are still out there.

  • Hi there,
    To start: Until Dan makes an official application forum or submission site, there's no point in filling up the "General" discussion category with mod applications. Also, the Forum Rules say: "You must not use any language which is offensive, racist or obscene including discrimination, **solicitation**, threats, actively advertising external servers/websites, bullying and spamming." (Notice: "solicitation")

    Please don't make these solicitations if the Forum Rules tell you you can't!

    Watch out, a Forum Moderator/Administrator could remove your post from the Forums or worse if they see this (like I would according to the Forum Rules).

    Sincerely, Koen__2003
  • Dan won't be hiring any new staff members due to the fact that they do more harm than good in his opinion, and that there is a slight chance of one of the staff members screwing up, and it would damage the reputation of the server by a lot. He only gives staff to the people that he trusts, talks, and knows too.
  • So, you're saying that you want to be an admin to catch people hacking and to ban them. Honestly that's not the point of being an Admin or Mod. It's about contributing to the server, not just by buying ranks but helping others out and just like @StormyBlizzard said the best way to actually contribute to the server is by informing people and what I mean by that is don't go to servers and advertise but instead talk to your friends about the server or if you have connections to players that quit tell them it's coming back. Also saying you've had past experience, there's no actual way of showing you used to be.
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