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Dan pls open
  • Dan please make the server 1.7.10 compatible not only would this boost the player count it would also make the server more enjoyable when pvping as the pvp mechanics are much better than 1.8 eg there is no block hitting in 1.8!
    +1 if you agree
    -Radgie :D
  • As long as the server doesn't go 1.9+ with that shitty PVP system.
  • -1, and you can block hit in 1.8
  • Radgie, Dan will be adding 1.12 for certain, and he will try to implement other compatibilities for the server versions, as I and Dan talked about, he said there will be 1.12 for certain, and he will try his best to implement other versions.
  • if he adds 1.12 ill quit lol i think other people will too.......
  • @Radgie, he is adding 1.12 for certain, he might be able to to make a 1.7 compatible version for the server but not a very high chance that that will be the case.
  • @Radgie I think that for now we should focus on getting our old good DanCraft back. After that we should worry about any version updates/improvements.
  • stop minimodding
    youre not staff
    you never will be
  • Thank you for responding so nicely on my idea. Maybe next time you shouldn't make any threads if you can't stand people commenting on it. I mean, you even call people cunts who don't like your idea either... @Radgie -1
  • Traps aren't gay