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My Obsidian Rank
  • Previously when this server almost dying i bought gold then i upgraded to obsidian but... i stopped playing for 2 years today i came on and i saw my default name and i said i can't believe this the first time i got scammed was while i bought diamond rank i wasted 15 dollars now i said i can't be scammed again with 75 dollars. I hope you read this DansTooGood, im waiting to get my rank back please. im a old player
  • I can vouch Funtasma was gold, but I don't remember you as obsidian.
  • He wont give you ur rank usless u have more proof
  • You could easily be lying rn
  • I would start a discussion in the bug report & suggestions section to make sure a mod reads it. If you in fact did purchase a rank before, they should have a log somewhere to confirm that and be able to return your rank. If you have proof (like a screenshot of the receipt, an email confirmation, or a bank statement) be sure to mention that you do have it, and ask where you can send it in. I wouldn't post any screenshots of emails or receipts on the forums unless you are completely confident, as it can expose your personal information if you are not careful with covering up information.
  • I remember Funstama but NEVER as a obsidian rank and I've never taken a break so :P
  • I remember him as gold
  • Bro, if you want to give proof, you would have to go into your transaction id's and show Dan it, so that it prooves that you aren't lieing.
  • There are vids on YouTube that has Funstama as gold rank.
  • This is my hacked account i saved the forum password
  • and yes i was gold
    but later i bought obsidian