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Keep Or Get Rid of?
  • I say keep! We paid for crate keys and we are losing them. And it's completely unfair!

  • When a server resets, everything resets. That's just the way things are. If you wish to play on a server where nothing resets, feel free to create your own server, and see how it works out when it all goes the way you want. You've posted too many of these threads, and you simply need to stop. Have a great day.
  • I would like to talk about the fact the straw poll is set to "no duplicate checking" if you're trying to make a poll like this, make it IP duplication checking
  • All Islands should reset. This whole server needs a reset. I don't think you understand the reason for resets TheCuteDuckling. From my view, it sounds like you want to keep your island, so you can have a good income of money than others. New players need a chance to grow big and become powerful too. Giving the option to players to keep their island is unfair to new players, especially since this server has a global balance. Although I understand some players have used lots of time and money for their island, that's the choice you made. You wanted to buy an advantage over others, so you can become richer faster than others. I know it's hard to see your money and island go away, but everyone can have a chance to grow big as you did.
    #DancraftReborn #DancraftReset

    Also, I say reset Islands.

  • Uh, you can't do shit about the reset. Not to mention your little poll failed...
  • I think They should reset everything on dancraft but.... we should keep the things wr have bought like ranks which would make sense. same with crate keys, people should keep them.
  • @xJoshewa Crate keys should not be kept. When purchasing crate keys, you were aware that you are purchasing them for the sake of that map. You didn't purchase them so that you would have them forever, rather just to give yourself an advantage during that specific map. This is how it goes around on all servers, because if not, it would be too OP. Have a great day.