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Application(Candidacy) to be moderating on DanCraft
  • Hello/good evening to the member of the staff DanCraft. :D

    Contents: - my presentation IRL.
    - presentation of my pen name.
    - my route in minecraft and GroupeZk.
    - my objectives of status of Moderator.
    - my Schedules.
    - conclusion.

    My presentation IRL:
    My name is Yoann. I am serious, compétant. I am very rather nice with the players, very compétant.
    ● I am at present in class of 1eme because I doubled.
    ● Down from my 13 years I am a very mature person!!!
    ● I like the computing, I would like to make my profession, not in the universe of the games - videos, but more precise, all which is maintenance.
    ? I live in Canada/Quebec, in a region very from Quebec dison.

    Presentation of my pen name: the pen name which I use at present is _TheMazingPvP
    My route(course):
    ● As for my status of experimented Player, that comes from Minecraft and everything the games(sets) zombie. Before I was, a normal player who crossed(spent) 3 hours max on the PC a day.
    In vacancy, more than 7 hours on the PC a day roughly I am a Geek ( XD).
    ● Today, I play with a competitive spirit, in the field of the PvP / Build. I am a very good player, I have a chain(channel) YouTube. Videos are soon going to begin.
    ● My very first minecraft waiter(server), was (I not site no name) which is at present to close because of money(silver), turning(shooting) in version 1.7.10.
    ● I knew the waiter(server) thanks to internet. I loved at once the waiter(server) thanks to the crafts numerous who(which) are excellent with height with new ores and also Moderator and Administrator(Director) who(which) are very nice
    ● I have to begin to play minecraft 4 years ago solo for then the world multiplayer or I played on others waiter(server).
    ● I am to arrive on DanCraft before since the season 2 With some friend as well as the season has 3 it is has to leave this season that I wondered why I love so much waiter(server).
    My objectives of Status of Moderator.
    ● Participate in the common life of the waiter(server), in particular enforce the laws, and move closer to me to players.
    ● Be simple without making of difference between my faction and the others faction of the waiter(server).
    ● I does not make so much spelling mistake, and I like managing the cat(chat).
    ● I want to install(settle) of the good mood, an atmosphere? I am also ready has to increase my schedule of games(sets) for YOU! To offer you more safety(security).
    My Means of communication:
    I possess Skype and Teamspeak to be as closely as possible to you.

    My Schedules:?
    On Monday: 16 hours at 9:00 pm (QC)?
    On Tuesday: 4:30 pm at 9:00 pm (QC)
    On Wednesday : 4:30 pm at 9:00 pm (QC)?
    On Thursday: 4:30 pm at 9:00 pm (QC)?
    On Friday: 4:30 pm at 12:00 am (QC)?
    On Saturday: 09:30 am at 12:00 am or at 1:00 am (QC)?
    On Sunday: 09:30 am at 9:00 pm (QC)
    I hope to be accepted for this Post that I like a lot has credit note because before any I love the waiter(server).
    I also thank the Founders ( Modo) for offering us a unique(only) experience(experiment) of games(sets).
    Thank you has you to have taken time to read my application(candidacy) and that she(it) pleased you.


  • dude he even has like, a little index - sign this boy the fuck up
  • Go through Middle School again, then we'll talk.
  • image
    You clearly don't have good English and most of your sentences are worded strangely. Moderators must have good communication skills in English, and clearly you do not.
  • i really hope Kubsz would read these, I think u would make a good staff person on DC
  • @SuperLasers2 Lmao I didn't see that.

    Actually I didn't read it.
  • I can imagine he worked so hard to create this and it is 100% not useful at all dan doesn't hire plus the server is dead
  • ''● I does not make so much spelling mistake, and I like managing the cat(chat).'' =,)
  • Not only does he have an index, but organized it with bullets. I'm with Hiraethia on this one.
  • Well shit, just found out this was typed a year ago...
  • @_TheMazingPvP, sorry to burst your bubble but, Dan said specifically he hand pick "Helpers". Basically a trial staff member, that simply monitors the chat and temp kick/bans/mutes.

    P.S You can find all this information on the Dancraft discord <--- It's Helpful!
  • Man how'd this get started again?
  • application aceptad peese go wetting rom to stat you starf rain ok