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The End Of Raiding? (Please Share)
    This message is for everyone and I’d appreciate everyone’s input regardless your opinion,

    At the moment on Dancraft Factions – Obsidian is Vanilla, meaning that it is not damaged at all by TNT, this includes dry and watered obsidian. Sand stacking does not work either as the concept of sand stacking is to create a half air block in which the TNT blows the obsidian up as if it is dry. This essentially means bases are near to un-raidable.

    The only way I know of damaging obsidian is with creeper eggs, creeper eggs spawn once in every 11 feasts which makes them all the rarer, the odds of getting a creeper egg every day is very low. Raiding a layered obsidian and water protected base is near to impossible based on the server’s current stand point and creeper egg rarity, and I believe it will stay at this point for a lengthy amount of time. I am asking for everyone who this effects to share their opinion on whether they agree or disagree with this configuration on raiding.
    If you could give your reasons for your view that would also be very appreciated!

  • I think obby should break
  • Factions isn't the same without raiding
  • Rd rip ur base
    thanks for the igs,blazes and sets <3