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I am officially the worst player
  • The title is pretty true. I suck. LOL I even tried changing my username to have a new beginning. I'm pretty sick of the dumbass abuse in the comment section. That is why this is a report so you can't comment. Am I the new TheCuteDuckling? I am probably the most hated player on here. Not even probably, I AM the most hated player here. The only reason why I stick around for the abuse is because no.1 I bought a 200 dollar rank, and no.2 I like the simple commands and i'm used to it. I have to say, if anyone says "Reskin sucks!" lots of people will agree and start a chant of "RESKIN IS A FAG ASSHOLE"
    One time I got on my alt, and said "Reskin is a dumbhole" and literally people SPAMMED in agreement and used lot of very, very, bad words. I'm getting kind of "adjusted" to it. Its gone down a little, but I think I am the new "raider" Let me get this straight; I raided one person who burn't my island first. Then I got banned 2.5 THOUSAND HOURS. It was hell. Luckly, Dan took some mercy (?) and unbanned me after 600 or so hours. Yet my friend Ginger (who helped me put the TNT down) stayed banned. We weren't added to his island, but we built a bridge as close to his island as possible, and BAM! his sugar cane farm was damaged. That stands to be the worst decision I have made to this day. Now it seems like I have no friends, and the ones I do have are leaving me. I'm really upset with the server, and I have tried to quit, but I am always drawn back because i have nothing else to do with my time but ponder why the hell did I not report ronaldo, instead of nuking him. Now I am considered a raider. Almost no one trusts me, and I haven't seen Ginger in weeks. All my other friends are basically never on and i'm alone. I have spent so much money on here, my parents are getting quite fed up, so getting a "new start" by buying another Minecraft account and a rank will not work, I have bought 3 gold ranks (for others) obsidian rank, and crate keys. Not much else to be said. Below is a group of things I think should be read. (The following is not supposed to be a roast, though the first few sentences are kind of one)

    Dan removed games, made a ton of bullcrap, basically ruined Dancraft... He doesn't have any volunteers, refuses to hire any staff members, most of which would work for free, and tries to improve and create things he thinks are cool but others don't. the OS factions and skyblock aren't very popular. I think if he had made OS ulti or OpPVP those would be booming, because TBH, who likes the new versions better? Not me. I'm not here to slam Dan, but instead to give him suggestions. He should have volunteers help him with lobbies, add the "helper" rank which he said he would add but is yet to. Also when you make forum posts about "Dancraft Sux!" or anything bad, it can discourage him and Kubsz. Lets give Dan and Kubsz a round of applause for what he has done to improve this server (after killing it) *clap clap clap clap* Personally I think people are slamming Dan too hard, and the forums have become quite negative. I really enjoy the server and I feel Dan needs some support! He works is butthole off for us, to have a good and fun time on his server. In a way, he has helped me grow up, and shown me right from wrong, and even though there are a few things he has done that I don't like, I am happy with how Dancraft is turning out and I don't think it is right at all to call Dan "lazy" or any other insults. Before the reset, he worked 14 hours straight for us to have a better server! I mean, that takes some commitment and hard work right there! If you agree with me, comment down below. If you don't, then why don't you say why at https://www.dancraft.net/suggest or email Danny a little message. I know I get frequent hate from people on the server, and I feel Dancraft's players are getting meaner. Not much to do about it. Also Dan, there is a mobile app called "Minechat" that a ton of people use, and you can advertise the server on there! I guess I don't have many credits to say anything, and I got slammed like CRAZY in my post "Love you Danny" and I know about half of this was copied from that, but really? Just because I made a few mistakes, doesn't mean I can't make suggestions. I have a very limited amount of friends, and the few I do have almost always stick up for me. Thanks Jujuuu_x, Juliaserek, and GingerGetsRekt for always supporting me. I hope this actually gets seen, as I know my other post was kind of ignored. I hope you see this too Dan and Kubsz. I really feel like this is going too far. Dan, you are wasting time. DCPolice is very correct. You are wasting time. I feel updates are needed, but most of them lately have been irrelevant. Also I feel that cyber bullying is an issue on Dancraft, but I think the helper rank could help that. Also, maybe so forum “helpers” who can delete posts or comments with cussing, to bring down the misbehavior on forums. I think some comments are unfair, recently ronaldo917917 said some pretty harsh things, saying that I ruined the server. I didn’t. Dan did. Now that’s harsh of me to say but true, as many people will agree that the old updates were BETTER. I hope people pay attention to this. This is kinda thrown around, the grammer police got really mad and called me. Actually it may have been a asylum but who cares. Back to the forum issues and my personal issues. I can’t stress how much that ronaldo917917 has TRIGGERED me, but I know not many people care about my feelings... done for now, I’ll write more when I think of stuffs.

    Yay! I thought of stuffs! I enjoyed looking at the current feedback, and I understand it is hard and expensive to advertise, but I thought of a way to get advertising for free. IDB1017 does Youtube videos for a person on Soundcloud , and in return, is payed with in-game balance. How this relates is that you could offer in-game incentives to people who do videos for Dancraft. This may be difficult to implement, but if its possible could get Dancraft a huge player base. This would be extremely useful and is a creative way to get main Dancraft players to make videos. I understand the player count is going down, and people are leaving. I think if you were to offer prizes based on playtime (but not AFK playtime, which could be abused) to keep players playing, with increasingly cool incentives. I can not stress how much the "helper" rank needs to be implemented. I think a issue with the helper rank, is that there really not that many good people that could be a helper. I think this comment by xSnowwy_Z, saying; "Dan will not be reading this application
    The reason DansTooGood or Kubsz will not be reading this application is because they hand pick their own staff members, they watch on how your performance and reputation is on the Dancraft network. They have done a staff team in the past, it failed horribly since all of the Moderators were abusing, or either inactive, then he came back with the Helper rank which you cannot apply for. Secondly, it's that DansTooGood is not a fan of staff members since they do more harm than good, that is also why DansTooGood closed down the staff team. To be honest, you basically wasted about 10-20 minutes of your time to make this application for no reason at all, because they hand pick the staff as I already said." While most likely true, it was a little unfair to say THEY WILL NOT READ DIS. They try to check forums, but not accept staff from forums is smart. Too easy to get a abusive staff member, but staff is necessary. He should do voice interviews on Discord, or hand pick them as he already does (?) I'm not sure if he does or not but I think he does. There is one person, that you should make staff: Greeem. He is extremely good at programming, and he could help with that. I used to be admin on his server, and I asked him to make a clearchat command. I swear he made it in less than 5 MINUTES!!! He is very talented and is a dedicated obby on Dancraft, and i'm sure he would help. I know you don't normally accept staff, but whether or not you like it. DANCRAFT NEEDZ NEW STAFFZ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. I really enjoy this server and hope that it can be rescued. I saw Dan's image below about popularity of Minecraft in general dropping, and agree that this is a main factor on Dancraft's popularity dropping.


    I am really discouraged by the large amounts of community hate (as shown below)



    There is much more than just those, but I either don't have screenshot of it, or it isn't as bad. People also bully my friends, and I feel awful that I am a cause of their suffering. There isn't much I can do about it, and it is almost impossible for me to get a new start without spending money. If you think you can help me msg me in-game. BTW i'm not gay like those images say. I like girls, not boys... Anyways, not much more to be said here except that I would like it if I could get a break from this hate, and if there is anyway I could have a new start with anyone, please tell me in-game (I made this a report so I wouldn't get the hate I did on my other 2 posts)

  • IM the most hated fyi
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