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Creepers on Skyblock
  • Are you going to make creepers not explode when they get close to you? Lots of people are complaining about it and I just wanted to make a forum post about it. It is pretty annoying to have creepers blow up stuff that you built.

  • Fluffia, I think leave them, just do /god as your builiding so you dont get hurt. If you believe this isn't a good method then, I wish you the best of luck!
  • AbbyTheDerp (May 24 08:46PM )
    necroposting since 2002
  • SpacePenis_C9 (May 25 04:30AM )
    holy fuck this is oldd
  • El_Goat_Beeeeeeh (May 25 11:26AM )
    Yea, but the creeper situation is annoying, they blow up stuff.
  • Flapper_mc (May 25 12:08PM )
    When a creeper blows up it doesn't destroy my stuff
  • El_Goat_Beeeeeeh (May 25 12:09PM )
    Does for me.