Dancraft V1

On the 4th of December, Dancraft V1 will launch. Dancraft V1 is a major revamp of the server and aims to resolve all of the issues with the current version (primarily rule breakers and buggy/uninteresting content). 

We are planning on leaving the main revisions undisclosed however I have outlined some of the modifications you can expect to see below:

  • Complete overhaul of every server
  • The following new gamemodes:
    • OPPvP
    • Prison
  • Another Premium Rank along with a variety of new perks for current ranks
  • New website with all features functional

We have also noticed that there are many problems with the current system we have, so you can also expect to see:

  • An Improved and more balanced economy
  • Team dedicated to dealing with rule breakers
  • More competitive gameplay achieved through:
    • Leaderboards
    • Unlockable features
    • Rewards for performance
    • Competitions
  • Dedicated infrastructure for databases, servers and web platforms - i.e. no more lag and faster servers

The entire Dancraft Team is looking forward to this update and we hope you are too! Let us know in the comments how you feel about Dancraft V1. We understand there has been a lack of communication between us and the community, this update has been named "V1" as we hope to start afresh and offer a much improved service to you, the players.

Weekend Package & Store Updates

Weekend Package

The much anticipated Weekend Package has been released and is now available for purchase on our store here. We have also added a Weekend Package Plus that is available for purchase - this package contains all of the features that come with the regular Weekend Package however has extra pets and credits (as well as the Kit OP kit on KitPvP).


We're running a flash sale applying a 40% discount to all of the packages in our store for the next two days.


Over the course of the next week, we're going to be releasing a series of polls to decipher the path you want Dancraft to follow. They will involve questions such as whether a legacy server available to those who wish to play the "Old School" Dancraft would be favourable and also what updates you would like to see on the Dancraft Network.

Trading, Profanity Filter & More

It's been a busy week - we've launched lots of new tweaks and features alongside some huge backend changes to prepare for some upcoming updates.

Trade System

We've implemented a new trade system meaning players can now safely trade with each other.

Below is an image of the new trade interface:


You can find out more information via the /trade command in-game on Factions, KitPVP, Skyblock, Ulti or Prison.

Hopefully this should reduce the amount of scamming and increase the amount of economic activity.

Profanity Filter & Ignoring Players

Another new feature is our (beta) profanity filter. We've simply launched a basic algorithm that should detect formations of vulgar words and replace them with asterisks.

As this is in beta, we have not launched the secondary part of our this system - toggling sensitivity and ignoring players. Through a new chat interface, players will be able to select a profanity filter sensitivity - 0 meaning no chat filtering at all, 1 meaning vulgar words will be replaced with asterisks (default) and 2 meaning messages containing vulgar words will not be received. We also plan to implement a new way to ignore players which will be launched next week.

Weekend Package

Due to unforeseen circumstances we've been unable to launch the weekend package however it will be available Friday through to Sunday next week and have even more goodies to apologise for the unprecedented delay.

Affiliate System & Updates

Affiliate System

This weekend we launched our all-new affiliate system allowing players to receive in-game rewards for referring their friends to the server. We feel this will benefit the entire community as a whole as the server will receive additional traffic and those who contributed to this will receive a payment in credits/in-game money for doing so.

In order to start referring players, simply share your affiliate server address which can be found in your affiliate panel on the website. You can use the panel to view all of the players you have referred and claim your reward for each player you have introduced to Dancraft!

To check out the new affiliate system panel or find out more click here.

Other Updates

We've also released numerous other updates such as bug fixes and brought back the loved minigame, DanGames. You can now play DanGames by selecting the "DanGames" option on the server selector in the network lobby.

Next weekend we plan on running a flash sale and launching another "Weekend Package" as the past package received a lot of positive feedback. The new package will contain many new aesthetic features such as magic hats and death sounds along with additional credits and an assortment of new pets.

April Update

April Update

We've just launched our April Update - what's new?

Free Crate Key

Every user has been awarded an entirely complimentary crate key as a thank for your continued support and backing of our recent Colossus update.

If you wish to support us further and purchase some credits (can be used to purchase more keys or trails), you can visit our store here!

Anti-Hack System

Our automatic anti-hack system has been added to the network -- you can no longer used unauthorized client modifications on any of the Dancraft servers (without being banned that is)!

Weekend Package

We've launched a limited edition Weekend Package. For the next 3 days only, our Weekend Package is available for purchase.

What does it include?

  • Permanent access to the Iron Golem Pet (/pet)
  • Permanent access to the Snowman Pet (/pet)
  • Permanent access to the /tag command. The /tag command allows you to add a tag of up to 12 characters before your name. This will be saved and apply on all servers. For example if I issued /tag BestAdmin,  I'd have the [BestAdmin] tag before my name.  You can also use color codes to color your tags.
  • 500 credits

Where can I purchase it?

The package is available to purchase here for $15.00 USD. We will not be offering the same package ever again.

New Sanctions

After some up-roar about apparent abuse, we've adjusted our sanction system to now automatically unban users when they change their username if they were banned for an inappropriate username however, if the username is inappropriate again -- they will be automatically permanently banned. We've also tweaked our algorithms a little meaning (hopefully) the sanction system should issue more appropriately timed sanctions.