Joining the server

Connect with the server address:



Use the Teamspeak client to voice chat with your friends and other members of the server.


Don't have teamspeak?

Download the client by clicking here.


Visit our store to buy ranks, pets, kits and more!



Create your Faction, recruit members and build your base. Be warned, there are others out to get you, with hundreds of players playing simultaneously, you're never safe.


Create your own island with limited resources, whilst battling your enemies to ensure its success. With only your friends to assist you, your dream island could be further away than you think.


Participate in the most extreme all out sky battle that has ever existed in Minecraft. Select a class, gear up and prepare to go face to face with 7 other players - the sky is the limit!


Spawn in a house, with blood thirsty zombies roaming outside - hold your own, because if you don't, you'll soon find yourself infected.


Spawn, select one of many kits and jump into the ultimate battle. Keep track of your statistics on our leaderboards.


Push your imagination to its limits with our creative server. After being kitted out with WorldEdit and your own plot, you're free to build whatever you want with friends or by yourself!