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Sarcasm (Recruiting LMAO)
  • Lol trying to make a big ass fucking faction, on factions(ofc). If you don't play Facs pls come and join sarcasm, as we need as many INACTIVE players as possible. If you do play on Facs and want a Hacker faction (we have seperate bases) feel free to join us. Sarcasm is always open.

    Add me on steam if you want to talk @ steamcommunity.com/id/tr1st4n

    Current allies: Niggas
    Current Truces: Chaotic
    Current Enemies: None :)

  • massive fucking bump
  • Why do you need as many inactive players as possible?
  • Because I'm trying to make a massive faction
  • Name: iLiekRice
    Do I play Facs: No (I really don't).
    Steam: iLiekRice/markowl678
    Ya so I'd like to join so forget to add me
  • Im your man inactive and muted
  • ill join when i get unbanned
  • You're all accepted :P the fac is open so you can just do /f join Sarcasm and it should work ;)
  • Go on Cornhub . They've got awesome corn such as Slob on a Cob and Big Black Corn
  • I prefer Big Black Corn splurges butter all over young corn's kernels