Create a faction, gain followers, forge alliances and conquer your enemies.


Start on an island with limited resources, it's your job to harvest the land and trade with others to become the best.


Start at the bottom and work your way to freedom.


18th May Update on May 18th, 2018

Based on feedback from our most recent input form, we've made quite a few changes and additions, below they have been outlined.

Bounties - Factions and Ulti

Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of our new bounty system. Here is how it works:

  • Use the /bounty set [player] [amount] command to set a bounty on a player
  • If this player is killed on either Factions or Ulti, the killer of the player will receive the bounty (yes, they are cross-server) and a message will be broadcasted across the server

Other commands/features:

  • /bounty me - check bounties set on your head
  • /bounty [player] - view the bounties a player has (if any)
  • /bounty top - view the top bounties currently unclaimed
  • /bounty now - view the bounties on players currently online the server you are on

Note that bounties can be set and viewed from any server, but they will only be claimed if the player is killed on either Ulti (main Ulti, not Vanilla) or Factions (main Factions, not Oldschool). Let us know what you think of this - we can always make it per-server if cross-server isn't to your liking.


  • Shop prices have been adjusted and will no longer change when you sell items - although this change has also been made to Factions, we have really buffed the shop prices on Skyblock, so be sure to take advantage of them!


  • TNT is now capable of destroying obsidian - it will take 100 hits of TNT to destroy an obsidian block
  • Shop prices have been adjusted and will no longer change when you sell items
  • At least one creeper egg will now spawn in every feast
  • Land no longer needs to be claimed in order to place chests
  • World Border expansion has been paused


These two features are experimental, let us know how they are to play with (we can always revert things back to the way they were before):

  • Hunger is always at max - it no longer goes down
  • Regeneration III is active when your health is below max inside spawn

The following changes have also been made:

  • Barrier blocks around spawn have been fixed (players could escape)
  • Every 15 minutes a potion booster is randomly activated

Any and all feedback is welcome in the comments.

P.S. OP PVP update announcement and potential input form will be coming out this weekend, so make sure to check back in a day or two for another post!


May/June Dates and FAQs on May 16th, 2018

In previous announcement posts we have repeated that there is a lot lined up for this summer - we haven't been lying! This post is a quick "update post" with some dates and more details regarding changes happening in May and June.

Friday 18th May Introduction of changes based on input form feedback - including shop changes and new features.
Friday 25th May OP PVP update - we are releasing an OP PVP update, in which the old map will return and the existing spawn will be revamped (and similar mechanics/features to the previous version will be introduced).
Friday 1st June Rebrand stage 1 - Dancraft will begin the "first stage" of its rebrand (rebrand as in our name, logo, etc is changing). The server will be renamed, a new hub, color scheme and other features will be introduced. This is what we'd use the term "pilot test" (albeit lightly) to describe, or "trial". The term pilot test is used because we are testing out some features that will likely change before stage 2 (v1).
Friday 1st June Along with the rebrand, we'll be introducing an Ulti update and potential reset. More information will come about this soon. Some members of the community may also be aware of our parent company's acquisition of GlowstonePVP, despite previously stating that there are no plans to merge this server with Dancraft, we feel it is necessary to state that GlowstonePVP may be merging with Dancraft's Ulti server on this date (GlowstonePVP will direct to Ulti, and players of GlowstonePVP will have ranks on Dancraft).
Late June Reband stage 2, known as "v1" - an update on a scale similar Dancraft's previous V1, V2, V3, Colossus, etc.

Below we've answered some common questions regarding the above changes/timeline.

Are these dates estimated, or are they set in stone?

All dates apart from rebrand stage 2 and the Ulti update are set in stone (they are very unlikely to change). Stage 2 of the rebrand and the Ulti update are reliable estimates, but aren't set in stone because neither are in a "ready for release" stage at the moment, and we can't be sure that we won't encounter any unexpected delays.

Why rebrand?

Shortly put, we want to change our image. The name Dancraft is well-established, but we think with a new name, logo and well, a new look, Dancraft can become something that is both much bigger and much better.

Our new brand is more attractive and relevant to Minecraft's current trend, and also gives Dancraft a "fresh look" for those who have left with no intention on revisting. It also lines up with a lot of efforts we have planned for future, including MCPE/Win10 expansions and a lot of our marketing campaigns.

What is changing in the rebrand?

In stage 1, two things will be changing:

  • Dancraft's look - the name, logo, color scheme, some builds, messages, interfaces, etc. It should be noted that only some things will be changed in stage 1, stage 2 is meant to "complete" the rebrand, and at this time things should flow a lot better.
  • Small content changes - some things will be changing as we move towards v1 of the rebrand, our website will change, our store will change and lots of smaller in-game changes will be made. We'll also be holding lots of events and may have a new member of the staff team in-charge of running these. Examples will be DanGames events, creative events, Ulti events, etc - we are running these to help formulate an "event schedule" for rebrand stage 2, in which we'll schedule events to take place throughout each week, every week!

Stage 2 will have a lot of big changes (it's essentially a new server), we'll post more about that later this month.

Is OP PVP resetting?

Currently, we are planning on having an OPPVP reset on Friday 25th May, to accompany the update. We'll post more about the OP PVP update in an announcement post on Friday 18th May, along with the input form changes that have been made.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We are very excited for the next few months, hopefully you are too!


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