Create a faction, gain followers, forge alliances and conquer your enemies.


Start on an island with limited resources, it's your job to harvest the land and trade with others to become the best.


Start at the bottom and work your way to freedom.


Creative Server Information on January 25th, 2018

Update: Launch date has been moved to Wednesday 31st January due to unforeseen technical issues. Dancraft's long-awaited Creative server is arriving on Sunday 28th January (POSTPONED). No specific time for the launch has been set, but you can expect to see the server within the first half of the day (UTC).

Plot Size and Amounts Allocated
After reading feedback from the community, we have decided to make the server plots extra large. Each plot is 100x100 blocks in size.
Players are issued 3 plots by default. Premium rank plot allocation is as follows:

  • Gold: 5 plots
  • Diamond: 7 plots
  • Emerald: 9 plots
  • Obsidian: 12 plots

  • Community Events and Rewards
    We will be introducing events and features such as rewards for the community's favorite plots, featured plots and plot warps. Some of these features (plot warps) will be arriving with the update but other features/events such as rewards for the community's favorite plots will be introduced at a later date. This is because the community is currently "tight knitted" and we feel that the outcome of any event that allows for voting will be ingenuine as a result of this.
    You can expect to see an announcement for Creative-related events in February after we have came to a conclusion as to how these events will be managed.

    Core WorldEdit commands will be available to all users, with some features being exclusive to Premium Ranks.

    We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful creations that the Dancraft Community creates together!


    Ulti Update Information on January 17th, 2018

    We are introducing a major Ulti update this weekend. The updated server will launch at:

    Saturday 20th January 6PM UTC / 1PM EST / 10AM PST / 5AM AEST

    The following boosters will be activated for the entire weekend:

  • 2x Diamond Drops
  • 3x Gold Drops
  • Feast every 20 minutes (explained below)
  • Below we have outlined the changes we are making.

    New Map Section and Fixes

    The map has been expanded, and has had a new sand and nether region added to it.

    Players can no longer "spawn camp" and shoot arrows whilst on the edges of the entrance slabs.

    There is now a Premium-Only entrance into the map. This is only an entrance and cannot be used to enter spawn (you must use the slabs).

    Hourly Gear

    A set of Protection I Armour, along with a Sharpness I, Fire Aspect I Sword is available to all users hourly.

    Premium-Only Zone

    The Premium-Only Zone is an area that (if you hadn't guessed already) only Premium Ranked users can enter. The area contains the following features:

  • Hourly Potions
  • Premium-Only entrance into the map (you must still enter spawn via the normal route)
  • Hourly Gold
  • Higher level enchantment table
  • Hourly Potions

    Hourly Potions are a Premium-Only feature. They allow users to claim a set of mid-level potions every hour.

    Enderchests / Vaults

    Our enderchest system has changed. Upon right clicking an enderchest at spawn, there is now an interface to select which enderchest/vault you would like to open. These are the options available:

  • Primary enderchest: 27 slots available for regular members. 54 for all Premium Ranks
  • Secondary enderchest: Available only to Diamond, Emerald and Obsidian. 27 slots for Diamond and Emerald. 54 for Obsidian
  • Vault - 54 slots: Available for purchase on our store
  • Vault 2 - 27 slots: Available for purchase with golden ingots (see below)
  • Elixir Axes

    Elixir Axes apply a potion effect for 8 seconds when they damage a player. They can be obtained from

  • Feasts - they have a 10% chance of spawning in a Feast
  • Elixir crates
  • Diamond store
  • There are 5 different types of Elixir Axe:

  • Posion - 50 uses
  • Nausea - 25 uses
  • Blindness - 25 uses
  • Weakness - 25 uses
  • Slowness - 50 uses
  • Elixir Axes cannot be repaired. When they run out of uses, they will break. There is a 30 second cooldown.

    Cornucopia Removed, Feasts Introduced

    The Ulti Cornucopia was introduced in August 2017 and has proved itself popular among players.

    The primary purpose of the cornucopia was to encourage combat and balance the game by allowing newer players to fight for mid-level gear and to obtain items like god apples and strength potions. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Dancraft Community, this system was abused and instead of new players engaging in combat for gear, existing powerful players teamed up to share loot between themselves. This lead to the removal of god apples and strength potions from the cornucopia and it has since become seemingly redundant.

    Enter Feasts. Feasts are groups of chests inside the map that fill with low to high level items (armor, god apples, strength potions, etc) every hour, or when the Feasts booster is activated.

    Whilst very similar to the cornucopia, there are a few fundamental differences:

  • A kill is required to open a Feast chest - this can be obtained in the 60 seconds countdown for the Feast fill
  • Feasts are separated from each other, so it will be harder for teams to capitalize on the loot
  • If a rare item (either a piece of protection V or Elixir Axe) is taken from a feast chest, the name of the player who obtained the item is announced in the chat
  • Sometimes crate keys will spawn inside the feasts
  • Strength potions and god apples are enabled
  • Gold Bank

    Who wants to put golden ingots in their enderchest?

    You can now bank your golden ingots with the following commands:

  • /bank add all - puts all of the golden ingots in your inventory into your gold bank
  • /bank add [number] - takes the specified number of golden ingots from your inventory and puts them in your inventory
  • /bank withdraw [number] - withdraws the specified number of golden ingots from bank and adds them to your inventory
  • Gold Store

    We understand that for some advanced players, golden ingots have become redundant. For this reason, we have decided to introduce perks you can purchase with golden ingots.

    There are currently 3 perks available:

  • Permanent fire resistance. Cost: 15,000 golden ingots
  • Bow boost ability. Cost: 15,000 golden ingots
  • Extra 27 slot vault. Cost: 25,000 golden ingots
  • The gold is taken from your gold bank, so you do not need to store golden ingots in your enderchest.

    New Repair System

    There are now new options available for armour and weapon repairing.

    These three new options have been introduced:

  • Gamble Repair: you can attempt to repair your item for free, but there is a 50% chance that it will be destroyed
  • In-Game Money Repair: you can pay $25,000 in-game money to repair an item
  • Diamond Repair: you can pay 10 diamonds to repair every item in your inventory
  • The ability to repair for free (with cooldown) as a Premium Rank remains.

    It's a big list... but that's not all! We've got a few surprises that you will have to discover yourself on the day of release!

    We hope you are looking forward to the Ulti Update. Make sure it is in your calendar!

    Leave a comment to let us know what you think!


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