Create a faction, gain followers, forge alliances and conquer your enemies.


Start on an island with limited resources, it's your job to harvest the land and trade with others to become the best.


Start at the bottom and work your way to freedom.


Factions Updates and Bug Fixes on November 13th, 2017

Thank you to everyone who completed the Factions Input Form. Below are the changes we have made based on the input you, the community, have provided.

Features and Tweaks

Below is a list of features we have introduced. It also includes tweaks we have made to existing features.

  • Obsidian generation now works inside claimed land. Limitations still apply in the wilderness (to prevent cobblestone monstering). Furthermore, water flow that results in cobblestone creation will no longer be flat out stopped, instead, the cobblestone block will not form
  • Trench pickaxe prices have been halved
  • Cobblestone gen bucket price reduced to 1000 in-game money
  • Border expansion slowed to 100 blocks per day
  • The /sell command has been added
  • The /removeenchant (/re) command has been added for Premium Ranks on Factions (along with Ulti and Skyblock). Hold an item in your hand and type /re to open the enchantment remove GUI. Simply click an enchantment in the interface to remove it from the item
  • Enchantment tables have been added to spawn
  • Death messages added - we will be adding the option to purchase (with credits) customized kill/death messages

  • Future Features

    Below is a list of features that we are working on and planning on implementing very soon, but due to time constraints, have not been released with this update.

  • Factions Top (/f top) - a Faction leaderboard, displayed both in-game at spawn and on the website, with score based on the value of blocks inside claims
  • Customizable death messages (as explained above)
  • Factions Permissions (probably) - per-player permissions and roles for your Faction

  • Shop Changes

    Shop price and item changes are as follows:

  • Added TNT to shop
  • Added sponge to shop
  • Added cobblestone to shop
  • Added sand to shop
  • Added bookshelves to shop
  • Halved price of redstone

  • Bug Fixes

    Below we have outlined most of the bugs that have been patched as a result of the input from the Factions Input Form. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Fixed containers not being destroyed when placed at Y 256
  • Fixed minecarts/etc being useable to store items outside of claimed land
  • Fixed Factions Parkour Key
  • Fixed /rtp landing you out in the middle of the ocean, and fixed rtp landing you inside a block
  • Fixed safe spots around spawn and prevented bow boosting through the gate when in combat

  • Factions Package

    The Factions Package is available on the store for just 7 more days... Don't miss out! Click here to visit the Factions Package store page.


    Factions Input Form on November 12th, 2017

    The Factions Input Form is a small form that provides us with information about your experience on our recently released Factions server.
    We are also offering a REWARD of 1 EPIC KEY for completing this form, provided we feel that your feedback is HONEST and DESCRIPTIVE. If we feel you have not provided descriptive/full information (i.e. not including bugs you have encountered or suggestions to improve), whilst we appreciate your feedback, you will not be eligible for the reward.
    You will be asked for your username at the last section of the form.

    Click here to complete the form


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