Factions Server Input Form on October 14th, 2017

The Factions Server Input Form is finally here! If you are not looking to play Factions on the Dancraft Network, this form and post are not relevant to you.
What is the Factions Server Input Form?
The clue is in the name: it's a form with the intention of gathering input from people looking to play on the Dancraft Factions Server. It has over 50 questions (mainly multiple choice) about the new Factions server covering kits, commands, Faction limits, new features and more.
Why should I fill it out?
If you're not looking to play our Factions server, you shouldn't fill it out! The aim of this form is to gather input from Factions players. If you are looking to play our Factions server, you should fill this form out because it gives us information about what you want to see. In other words: by filling out this form, you are telling us how to make the Factions server.
How can I fill it out?
Simply click this link:
If you need help or have any questions, leave a comment on this post and we'll get back to you!


Weekly Update Post 2.5 - 2nd October on October 2nd, 2017

This is the third post of our "Weekly Update Post" series. These posts usually aim to outline the changes we've made to Dancraft, the bugs we've patched, what you can expect to see in the upcoming week, and any other information regarding the previous or upcoming week.
Due to the absence of the past few Weekly Update Posts, this is more of a summary of our recent updates than a regular Weekly Update Post. The regular posts will resume at the start of next week.

Skyblock Update

Our Skyblock server was updated on Friday 29th September, it featured a complete overhaul of almost every feature. Player data and islands were not reset. We have outlined some of the biggest changes we've made to the server below:

Ore Generator
It is now common for players to look for a Skyblock server with ore generator. For this reason, we have replaced the spawn ore mine with an ore generator. An ore generator is not hard to make, simply make a cobblestone generator and ores will spawn instead of cobblestone. The approximate chances of getting each ore/block are:

  • Cobblestone - 50%
  • Redstone (soon to be reduced) - 17%
  • Iron ore - 7.5%
  • Coal ore- 7.5%
  • Gold ore - 5.5%
  • Quartz ore - 5.5%
  • Lapis ore - 5.5%
  • Diamond ore - under 1%
  • Emerald ore - under 0.5%

  • Shop and Economy Changes
    We've made some major changes to the shop system and economy. It is now easier to make money when time is invested but AFKing is not as rewarding. This is because shop prices have been reduced. We have also implemented a feature to deflate the price of an item when it is sold, this means if you AFK at a farm and sell off all of your loot in the space of a few minutes, you will receive a lot less money than if you were to sell it off gradually over the course of a few hours.
    Balancing an economy is not an easy task. We understand that adjustments will still need to be made (and always will be).
    If you have a suggestion for either the shop or economy, please submit it at

    Spawn Mine Changes
    As explained above, the ores from the spawn mine has been removed. The spawn mine is now primarily cobblestone, dirt, sand, soulsand and clay and resets automatically.

    Starter Islands
    Starter islands are now simpler and provide more detail about the economy, rather than the original Skyblock map gamemode (that can be found on Minecraft maps here).

    Free Fly
    The Skyblock server now automatically provides free fly automatically for everyone. There's no need to type /fly!

    Function Chests
    Many players have requested chest shops. The current chest types are:
  • Shop chests (to sell items to players)
  • Auto sell chests (automatically sell content to shop when right clicked)
  • Private chests (no one can open)
  • Locked chests (people can open but not take)
  • To find out how to make each chest, type /help on the Skyblock server.

    Player Warps
    Players can now rent warps to show off their islands or drive customers to their shops (made with the new signs detailed above). The commands to do this are:
    /setwarp - set your warp where you are standing (must be on your island)
    /warpdescription - set your warp description (appears in front of the portal)
    /buywarp - purchase the warp for the amount of hours entered (costs 5000 in-game money per hour)

    Other Changes
    There have been many other changes that we haven't listed here, such as:
  • New spawn
  • New Premium Rank grinders
  • Beginner money making grinders that provide lapis lazuli (can be exchanged for in-game money)
  • New Premium Rank perks - /tag and instantly chop down trees
  • Skyblock Package
  • New kits
  • /island biomeset for all players

  • Connect to the server to check them out!

    Vanilla Ulti

    Vanilla Ulti is a Minecraft PVP gamemode that is exclusive to Premium Ranks. It is an implementation of the original Ulti arena map with the following changes:

  • No crate keys
  • Removal of boosters
  • Removal of store
  • Head/bounty system implemented
  • Auction House implemented
  • Ported to our new Ulti system - all of the more recent Ulti updates such as default items not dropping, combat tag "stand still expiry" and the 1.7 enchantment system are active on this server
  • Bow boosting enabled
  • No cooldowns (for golden apples, enderpearls and potions)
  • Whilst we've tried our best to make the server as enjoyable as possible, it is impossible to please everyone! If you would like to see something changed (e.g. a cooldown implemented), submit a suggestion here.


    We have released our Minecraft Prison server. This is an implementation of the Prison server that was released last year. We've added head bounties and will be progressively updating the shop system and prices.
    Expect a big update to arrive for Prison in the near future. Prison rankings and prestiges will not be reset when this comes into play.

    General Bug Fixes and Suggestions

    Our changelog for the past few weeks will not be released with this update post.
    If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it! Visit to let us know.
    If you have encountered a bug, please report it at - if you include your name, you will get a mention in our next weekly post.

    Weekly Poll and Results

    Unfortunately, there is no Weekly Poll for this week. Our efforts are focused on the Factions server that is arriving this Saturday (7th October). We will be making a post tomorrow with a poll regarding this server.
    If you are planning on playing on our Factions server, please be sure to fill it in! The feedback is very useful for us and means you have a better Factions server to play!
    Results from the previous poll will be posted with the update post that is arriving next week


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    Create a faction, gain followers, forge alliances and conquer your enemies.


    Start on an island with limited resources, it's your job to harvest the land and trade with others to become the best.

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    North America (Montreal, Canada)

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