Rank Adjustments, Dancraft Reset & Discord on August 13th, 2017

Premium Rank Adjustment
Previously, the Premium Rank upgrade section of our webstore did not verify a user's eligibility for an upgrade. We have now updated the system and as a result, it is no longer possible to purchase a rank upgrade for an account that does not qualify for said upgrade.
Along with resolving the flaw in our upgrade system, we have adjusted the Premium Rank of any user that has accidentally purchased an upgrade they are not eligible for.
We have made every possible effort to make sure that no users were assigned an incorrect Premium Rank following this adjustment. However, if you believe your Premium Rank has been incorrectly assigned, send us an email at [email protected] and we'll sort things out for you.

Dancraft Reset
As we're sure you're all aware, a "reset" is approaching. We'd like to update you on what you can expect to see and when you can expect to see it. For the what you can expect to see.. We'll give you two sneak-peek images. They speak for themselves.

This is an image of the lobby server. There are some very exciting changes being made - you'll have to wait and see what they are!

This is an image of the Ulti Server... Or is it the lobby (hint, hint)? The map has never been seen before and from feedback provided, it now includes multiple "emptier" places to fight (no grass, etc).

For those curious about when you can expect to see these changes: BETA tests will be ran with a team of volunteers from the Dancraft Discord to make any needed changes and fix any possible bugs prior to launch throughout the upcoming week. We hope to launch the "reset" on Friday 19th August (this friday!) but this is an estimated date, the date could be a little later if our BETA reveals issues that will take the team a considerable amount of time to resolve.

Discussion Discord
We have decided that the "Discussion Discord" would be suited as an official Discord server for Dancraft. For this reason, anyone is able to join the Discord at any time as of now.
The Discord server will become the "offical Discord server" at the time of the "reset". We will be introducing new channels for both text and voice.


Dancraft Discussion Discord on July 29th, 2017

The "join period" for the Dancraft Discussion Discord channel has been extended three days and will remain open to new members until Monday 31st July.
For those who haven't read the previous post regarding this - we will be having discussions and polls regarding the future of Dancraft on the Discord Server. This is the best opportunity to offer feedback and input on Dancraft as a whole or specific issues that bother you.
Installing Discord
You will need to install Discord (a simple chat application) in order to participate. If you already have Discord installed, see "How to Join" below. Visit or click this link: Hit the download button for your operating system. Open the installation file. Follow the steps on the installer. Voila. If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment and we'll help you out.
How to Join
Simply visit this link: and press the "Continue to Discord" button. It's that simple!


Dancraft Discussion Discord Server on July 23rd, 2017

"What? An announcement post?"
Is probably what you are asking yourself right now. You are not dreaming. This is an official Dancraft announcement.

"Oh no what could this be about? Is the server shutting down..?"
We regret to inform you that the server is.. actually doing quite the opposite. The defibrillators have been hooked up the server rack and 200 joules are being pumped through right as this post is being written.

"What do they have in mind for Dancraft?"
Nothing. And that isn't another terrible joke. We genuinely don't have anything in mind for Dancraft. It's your job tell us how to shape Dancraft's future. If that's a little too ambiguous for your liking - our "battle plan" is:

  • 1. "Repair" the current Dancraft Network
  • 2. Launch new version of Dancraft Network
  • 3. Maintain new version of Dancraft Network
  • 4. Smile because a life that involves Dancraft is a happy life

  • "What needs repairing? What will the new Dancraft Network be like?"
    Those are the questions we'll be asking you, silly.

    "How am I going to tell you? You can't read my mind!"
    At the bottom of this post we've provided steps and information regarding an official Discord Server on which everything will be discussed. Discord is a simple chat application for your computer or phone that makes it easy to communicate with a large group of people.

    "I wish I could trust the team but you've messed up a few times before, what's stopping you from messing up again?"
    To say we've messed up a few times before is an understatement. In fact, the post prior to this apologised for a lack of community interaction. That post was written in August 2016, almost an entire year ago. We aren't going to deny our mistakes. We have learned from them and will improve.
    We feel it is completely reasonable to have lost faith in the management team or be skeptical. If you don't want to contribute your ideas, you don't have to. It's entirely up to you.
    It may be important to bear in mind that open entry to the server is only available for five days and that this is likely your best opportunity to voice your opinions and influence Dancraft's future.

    "So how do I join this Discord Server?"
    First, you'll need to install the Discord Application. If you already have Discord installed, there's no need to read this paragraph. Visit or click this link: Hit the download button for your operating system. Open the installation file. Follow the steps on the installer. Voila. If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment and we'll help you out.
    After installing Discord (if you hadn't already), visit this link: to join the server. The server will be open to new members and muted until Friday 28th July (five days). After this date, joining will be restricted. On Saturday 29th July, channels and groups will be assigned and the server will be active.

    "How else can I help?"
    As we're sure you're aware, a lot of old Dancraft players have left the server. Because of this, they will not be aware of this forum post. You can help us out by letting them know this exists. That's all!


    Dancraft's Future, Summer Sale & More on August 8th, 2016

    Dancraft's Future
    We would like to apologize for the lack of community interaction recently and offer some clarity on Dancraft's future. Our anti-cheat will soon be getting another upgrade and we're looking to bring out EU/NA servers for our PVP gamemodes. We hope you'll also be glad to hear that we're bringing back some classic minigames including the infamous DanGames. Drop us a comment if you have any update suggestions! Recent updates include a sanction reset as we're looking to role out the new anti-cheat and chat filter in the upcoming weeks. We've also reduced a lot of lag and network latency that some players have been experiencing.
    Summer Sale
    Our summer sale is now on! Discounts are as follows:

  • 60% off all ranks and rank upgrades
  • 80% off all pet packages
  • 33% off all key packages
  • 70% off kits and extras

  • Summer Package
    Veterans of the Dancraft Network may remember the loved Weekend Package, we've decided to create something similar... Only bigger and better. The Summer Package contains over 40 crate keys on many servers, in-game money, credits, over 20 pets including the iron golem, exclusive commands such as Death Sounds and the tag command as well as much more! Check it out on our store here. It is only available until mid-September so be sure to purchase quick.


    Welcome to the New Dancraft Website! on December 4th, 2015

    You are currently browsing the new Dancraft website. Be sure to check out all of our new features such as our leaderboards, store and player profiles!



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