Dancraft's Minecraft Faction Server

The Dancraft Network really is home to the best Factions server. Don't believe us? Well, we're not surprised! Nowadays it takes hours of scrolling through server lists to find a good MC server, with every Minecraft server branding themselves as the "best". Don't take out word for it, connect to the server via the connection information on the right and have a look for yourself.

Connection Information / IP

To connect to the Dancraft Factions Server, open your Minecraft client (PC), click multiplayer, click add server and type in our Minecraft server IP:
The IP address to our Minecraft Factions server
You can also copy and paste our server address below:

Versions Supported

The Dancraft Hub supports all Minecraft PC versions from 1.8 through to 1.12.2 (we use ViaVersion to do this). This means you can connect on versions:

  • 1.8
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8.8
  • 1.8.9
  • 1.9
  • 1.11.2
  • 1.12
  • 1.12.2
  • If we haven't convinced you to join yet... Below are just a few of the features of our Faction server.


    Dancraft's Unique Factions Feasts that fill with spawners, TNT, creeper eggs and more!

    Feasts on our Factions server are a truly unique feature. Every 20 minutes 7 feasts situated around spawn (in the PVP zone) fill with rare overpowered (OP) items such as:

  • Spawners - iron golems, spiders, etc
  • Bedrock
  • Creeper Eggs
  • OP Armour (can't be obtained via kits) (Protection V
  • These Feasts not only encourage fast-paced PVP around spawn, but they also allow for a competitive economy in which players must trade rare items (like spawners) instead of buying them from the shop.

    Trench Pickaxes

    Custom enchant trench pickaxes that you can buy with /trench!

    Trench pickaxes mine in a 2x2 and 4x4 radius on the Factions server. They are like custom enchant pickaxes but only cheaper, easier to get and use! Use the Minecraft command /trench on our server to open up the trench pickaxe buy menu.

    Gen Buckets

    Gen buckets that generate cobble and obsidian walls! These are like custom enchantments

    Gen buckets allow for players to generate obsidian and cobblestone walls both cheaply and with ease! You do not need to use custom enchantments to get these, just type /genbuckets, click a bucket and boom, you have a gen bucket! These are very useful to making your base safe from raiding and PVP.

    Drop Parties and OP Starter Kits

    Drop parties are held every 10 minutes, kits can be claimed every hour!

    We know that it sucks when you are new to a server and everyone has OP items except for you! That's why Dancraft has drop parties with OP gear every 10 minutes. New players get 3 kits that they can claim every hour, day and week - to claim your kits that have custom enchantments, type /kit on the best Factions server!

    Crates and Spawners

    Crate keys such as the vote crate key for voting and parkour key for completing our parkour!

    Our Factions server has lots of crate keys to choose from, and there are lots of ways to obtain them such as voting for us on server lists, completing our daily parkour and buying them on our store. Spawners are not obtainable via crate keys, but instead must be obtained from the feasts! You can also mine spawners in the overworld (silk touch is not needed)!

    Epic PVP

    Not only do we support 1.8 through to 1.12.2 allowing for 1.8 PVP, but our server is situated in Canada for optimum connection around the world. This means whether you're in Australia, the UK or Asia, your connection to our server is going to be great and there will be no lag!


    Below is a list of all the servers the Dancraft Network has. Click one to find out connection info and view an outline of our unique features