Unauthorized Client Modifications, Macros & Third Party Software

Any client modification that can be used to gain a significant unfair advantage over other players is not permitted to be used on the Dancraft Network. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hacked Clients
  • Minimap Mods
  • X-Ray Texture Packs/Mods
  • External third party software including firmware on your mouse or keyboard allowing for an unfair advantage over other players is also disallowed. Examples include:

  • Macros that automatically click
  • Macros that "double click"
  • Software such as cheat engine that disables and/or changes client-side ratelimits
  • One action should always equal one form of input from you. This means "holding down" keys for long periods of time (e.g. AFKing whilst having a key pressed) is not permitted.

    Alternate Accounts & Account Sharing

    Each account should only be used by one person. Whilst sharing an account will not result in a sanction, our sanction system will automatically disable access for accounts related to your own that have an active sanction. This means any accounts you have connected with will be banned in the event of a sanction and vice versa. Alternate accounts are permitted but more than 1 account (including your main account) must not be logged in at the same time.

    Premium Ranked accounts are exempt to the below rule. This rule still applies to accounts you use that do not have a Premium Rank (regardless of whether or not one of the accounts you own has a Premium Rank).
    You may not use alternate accounts to bypass any limits abuse any "starter packages" (e.g. balances (in-game money/credits), kits and (non-Premium) daily rewards) or take advantage of features that are limited per-account (e.g. islands on Skyblock, enderchest slots on any server, factions power).

    Intentional Bug Abuse

    Using and/or abusing errors and cheats on the Dancraft Network is prohibited. This includes working around preventative measures already put in place to prevent a certain activity from taking place on the server.

    Staff Impersonation

    Impersonating a Dancraft (or related party) staff member in any way, for any reason is prohibited.

    Scamming, "Griefing" & Phishing

    Scams involving item, in-game money and account details are disallowed. Phishing involves masquerading a service and/or request as something that it is not. For example, making a user type a command whilst being misleading about its function (e.g. "type /tpahere john for free stuff"). This would also include trapping.
    Griefing is intentionally damaging another player's property or committing an act that is either intentionally harmful or deceitful (e.g. stealing items from another player). This is against our rules and is not tolerated.

    Inappropriate Language or Behaviour

    You must not use any language which is offensive, racist or obscene including discrimination, solicitation, threats, actively advertising external servers/websites, bullying and spamming. Dancraft takes such behaviour very seriously and at no time is it acceptable, regardless of the circumstances; if a user is being disruptive, report them. To protect the privacy and safety of our players, this rule also includes sharing/distributing personal details.