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Server Updates, Store Changes & Maintenance
  • Server Updates

    The following changes have been made:

    Added command /nc (nugget convert) - this command will convert all gold nuggets in your inventory to ingots. Currently active on Skyblock - will arrive on other servers when they next automatically restart (within the next 8 hours).
    Added gold nuggets, gold ingots and arrows to Skyblock shop.

    Revamp Date Changes

    As mentioned in our previous announcement post, the dates for our rebrand have been postponed - it is likely that the rebrand will be postponed indefinitely. This doesn't mean that updates will never come - it just means that we don't think the rebrand will be taking place (reason why is below).

    Store Disabled

    Some of you may have heard about Badlion, a popular PVP network, closing its doors and focusing on other projects due to lack of interest in their type of Minecraft server - whilst we aren't closing our doors, we are focusing on other aims. Dancraft is remaining online as a community rather than as a business, and for this reason, Dancraft's store will be disabled indefinitely. In regards to server costs, they are relatively low and will be funded by me and our parent company (no problems there).

    If the above paragraph is confusing, here's a summary:

    Dancraft is no longer a profitable venture for us, and likely won't be again in future. For this reason, we can't deliver on the rebrand promises, and it isn't worth it for us to continue to run Dancraft as a business.
    As Dancraft is a community, it wouldn't be fair to close down - instead, we've decided to disable our store and run on company funds, rather than microtransactions.
    This doesn't mean that Dancraft is closing (it never will), and it doesn't mean that Dancraft is going to become a hacker haven again - we're going to be running Dancraft just as we did before, but we aren't going to be delivering any big updates or running any advertising. We'll continue to implement suggestions, fix bugs, enforce the rules and hold events.


    There will be 1-2 hours downtime on Thursday 28th June during which Dancraft will be moved to different servers (Dancraft will then be hosted in France, not Canada).

  • fuckin rip now im gonna get 150ms, well at least i didnt play much anyways
  • a community of like >10 people rn
  • disappointed
  • This is very understandable, but I am sad to see these features leave the server, I can definitely notice some changes between the ping lag, but it is not bad. I really want to see the server succeed as it did so many years ago because it I think it truly has potential! I think more frequent updates and information would be helpful. Servers are very much like You-Tube channels in the way they run. You are required to keep consistent good content coming, other wise viewers (players) get un-interested in what you have to offer and go to try and find a better server that has what they want in it. They way to gain the most players and truly have a great community is to constantly have great content getting added.
  • Might as well stop running the server tbh
  • Thanks for trying
    We've had a good run :)
  • You might as well just end the server at this point. (It has been a ghost server for quite a while)
  • man im gonna cry :(
  • rip dancraft