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Bring Back the 64 diamonds!!!!!!!
  • BRING BACK THE 64 DIAMONDS from the vote key in ulti!! there is no one on so no getting diamonds even if they are in the vote key 1, 2, 4. so bring back the stack of diamonds!!!!!!!

    (alot of people are poor and no one on in my time BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!)

    Who ever plays ulti Yes or no in the coment section below !!!
  • Yes!!!! Bring it back!!!!!
  • the server is dead. Even at the "popular" time, it only gets a max of 50players LOLOL
  • The stack of diamonds were never intentional, and if there's no one on ulti to kill, there's no point in getting diamonds and no point in playing. Have fun with the gapples you're never going to need to use.
  • Bring back the diamonds because I'm not good even to get them legit plsss - Germio
  • yes TripleKill bring it back!!!!!!!!!