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  • I've been through alot. This is mostly because my very close friend Ethan, is going through alot of pain. I'll show you the DM.

    Well I thought about Gavin in deep thought, and now I forever blame myself for his death
    I should have seen that he was hurting since I was hurting so badly, but I failed to notice
    And it costed his life
    Then I sat in the shower with the heat all the way up in tears for about 3 hours so my body was overheated
    Than pushed myself to do a 40 minute walk out in the cold
    Then I had to push myself to get a good grade on a important test
    And my pain is driving my parents insane. At this point my soul and heart are crushed, they cant talk anymore

    Not just this. My parents death, as I explained and my brother and sister got hurt.
    I love you all.
    Thank you for everyone who has helped me.

  • why are you telling a minecraft server forum?
  • Don't kill urself, but if u do...record it and put an ad on it on youtube so u can earn money for ur parents.
  • Bro, I don't think youtube takes ads of people SHOOTING/STABBING/OR DRINKING ACTUAL BLEACH

  • You should talk to a psychologist
  • This is crazy
  • @arimaster500 wtf m8 dont die ur to young to die! go explore the world and fuck japanese girls
  • Tbh u r a savage person for being able to go through all this. No one should have to go though this no matter who you are. I respect you for taking on all terrible shit that is happening to you and still have to emotional ability to write about it and speak about it. Fight on man :P @arimaster500
  • clit
  • What the hell is this on a fucking Minecraft shitpost forum.
  • Probs just doin dis for attention
  • you're a piece of actual human garbage, rabbit. ari, you're a pretty great dude. regardless of the things you've gone through, remember that everything is temporary, even the shitty state of mind you may be in right now. the universe keeps spinning. it doesnt give a shit about what you or i or any of the insignificant specs of shit on this earth are doing. so, keep living. things may not get better, but they also might, and i hope you think its worth being around to find out.
  • Jesus Rabbit, irony much?
  • I can't tell if this was for real or not, but there is no reason for suicide
  • 1-800-273-8255
  • Don't do it pls.
  • confused why this is on a forum but life is precious don't do that :(