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Weekly Update Post 1 - 28th August
  • This is the first post of our "Weekly Update Post" series. These posts will outline the changes we've made to Dancraft, the bugs we've patched, what you can expect to see in the upcoming week, and any other information regarding the previous or upcoming week.

    Weekly Poll

    This poll is used to help us understand what content players would like to see and prioritize the development and order of updates. The questions asked in this poll have been "brought forward" by suggestions from our suggestion form.
    If you would like to make a suggestion, you can do so at dancraft.net/suggest.

    Completing this form means you can "voice" your opinions and help shape Dancraft's future, but it is not obligatory. Link:


    Changes and Suggestions

    This section covers what changes have been made to the network and what suggestions have been implemented/are being worked on. We welcome any suggestions for the Dancraft Network and are happy to implement any quality of life updates (e.g. new items in shops, small game changes). Bigger suggestions are also encouraged, but can take longer to be implemented/responded to.

    If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it! Visit dancraft.net/suggest to let us know.

    Please note, some of the minor changes have only just been pushed live and could take up to 24 hours to "sync" across the network. See log of suggestions/changes below:


    Daily money for returning players (chest in hub) lowered
    Hub 2 disabled until playerbase grows to adequate level to fill both
    Added portals for each server (and future server) in the hub
    Removed parkour until updated version is released (sometime within the next fortnight)

    Cornucopia items "nerfed" - protection II and III have replaced protection IV, amount of gold and items reduced
    Cornucopia now requires a kill (after it has spawned) to access and will lock after 60 seconds to encourage combat when the booster is activated
    Added beginner area for new players to get a head start and/or older players to obtain gold without encountering players with uncontestable armour in the main arena
    Nerfed amount of diamonds to win in the diamond crate

    Shops now allow you to buy or sell up to 512 of an item at once (new options: 128, 256, 512)
    Free fly weekend (now ended); let us know if you'd like us to make this a regular thing!
    Removed charcoal from the mining store
    Reduced pumpkin and melon price
    Added sand to the block store 2 - if you have shop suggestions, let us know via dancraft.net/suggest

    Border shrink/teleport times are now as follows: stage 1: 300 seconds, stage 2: 240 seconds, stage 3: 180 seconds, final stage: 150 seconds
    DanGames chests now contain less powerful armour to encourage people to level up their gear
    Knockback I is no longer a default enchantment for your sword


    We've been working hard to make sure you don't encounter glitches and bugs that affect your Dancraft experience! If you have encountered a bug, please report it at dancraft.net/bug - if you include your name, you will get a mention in our next weekly post.

    Please note some of the minor patches have only just been pushed live and could take up to 24 hours to "sync" across the network. See log of bug patches below:


    Added a notice that voting is currently disabled on the website (thanks to BritishTeen's report)
    Fixed kick/restart message referring to release date (thanks to DrilboorPastoor's report)

    Fixed false positive when killing mobs in mob grinders and not moving crosshair (thanks to acx's report)
    Fixed false positive when placing a block before you land after falling over 5 blocks
    Fixed false positive when reach distance is misrepresented because of lag
    Fixed false positive when player is banned for falling through the void
    Fixed false positive when teleporting to map on DanGames
    Reduced "glitch back" when walking on slabs (thanks to WitherStrafez's report)

    Fixed being able to enderpearl into spawn ceiling and enter safe-zone
    Fixed Premium Rank hourly gold for Emerald Rank and Obsidian Rank being incorrect (thanks to DrilboorPastoor's report)
    Fixed being able to bypass repair timer by repairing on a different hub server (thanks to CowgirlMads' & DrilboorPastoor's report)
    Fixed anvils giving Ulti repair message (old feature) when interacted with (thanks to DrilboorPastoor's report)
    Fixed bug causing "infinite gold" to drop if a player died when the 3x Gold Drops booster had just expired
    Fixed players with more than 6 hours play time being able to enter the beginner arena with enchanted items
    Fixed safe spot under drop down in beginner arena
    Fixed safe spot in "grass biome" above cave (thanks to KrunchyPlayz' and ronaldo917917's report)
    Fixed enchantment tables in map being level 28 instead of level 30 (thanks to OhHi's and Jacklay34's report)
    Fixed new players not spawning (first join) with diamond armour on Ulti
    Fixed gear crate not giving protection V (super OP) armour (thanks to NorpTheDork's report)
    Fixed crate keys not being received if the player isn't logged in when the purchase was made

    Revoked permissions for players to spawn pets (thanks to DrilboorPastoor's report)
    Removed various commands such as /trade and /tpa (thanks to DrilboorPastoor's report)
    Fixed buggy enderpearls (thanks to ronaldo917917's report)
    Fixed spectators losing fly when they interacted with an alive player
    Fixed new players spawning above the lobby

    Fixed projectiles not interacting with players (thanks to BritishTeen's report)
    Fixed spawning underneath map (thanks to BritishTeen's report)

    Fixed a major bug allowing players to purchase iron ingots from one store and sell them for more in another. People who abused this bug, or knowingly profited from it, were issued sanctions and/or balance, enderchest, island, or inventory resets (thanks to OhHi's report initially and the many other reports from additional players that we are very appreciative for)
    Fixed players being able to buy items from the shop even if their inventory didn't have enough space (thanks to GClientMode's report)
    Fixed TNT damaging player islands

    Fixed "kit mixing" by removing /trade
  • :D Awesome! Dan, you would make my day if you were to review my appeal.
  • Dan unban me from the discord ;I
  • And unban me in game D: or at-least check my appeal