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Island Weather [Skyblock]
  • Please consider adding weather to the Skyblock server or an island specific weather command. I don't enjoy seeing the absence of rain or snow every time I come online. One thing many people including myself do enjoy is aesthetic, in which rain and/or custom set weather to an island such as snow could greatly improve the overall feel or theme of players islands. It will also introduce a new block to the server, Snow which can be used to build very creative things! Including Henry the friendly snowman! :D . In the very least could the option to turn on rain be accessed to players for their islands? I'm not sure what your opinions are on whether or not it would be for ranked players or not but I feel as if it should be for all. My reasoning is because being an un-ranked player and changing biome may be a little too much but changing the weather proves no outstanding exploit or problem. Once again please consider this suggestion as it would make a lot of players happy.

    Thank you for your time.

  • +1 I'd like to see snow
  • +1 I can agree with seeing this.
  • The problem is that many new players don't like rain/snow, and I don't know of a way to make it so only certain islands get rain and such. I'm sure there's a plugin for it somewhere and this would be nice to see but Dan currently has more important things to do(like release factions).
  • @paksjr well, He did release Prison (AND NOT CREATIVE OR FACTIONS D;)